365 Days of Gratitude: Day 15 - Bachelor Meals

2개월 전

If you've been following along on my journey of gratitude, you'll already know that I'm a horrible cook that struggles to feed himself on a daily basis. Yeah, sometimes I can pull something together that surprises even myself, I make a mean fried rice, though that's not exactly the hardest dish to create, and, at times, that means that the food I cook can be a little bit basic. And I say that in the sense of, "dude, you're too old to be eating that kind of thing for dinner tonight" kind of stuff.

Take tonight's meal, for example. I got home from work with little time to cook for myself before I had to start working again (I write about sports for a living), but I wanted to make something that wasn't as unhealthy as the Pizza Pops I had for dinner last night. Instead, I decided that I would use some of the leftover rice I had in the fridge, bake a couple of chicken thighs that I had in the freezer, sautee a few vegetables, and whip up my own basic version of Chicken and Rice. Is it fancy or complicated? No. Did it get the job done while tasting reasonably good? Absolutely. Seems like a win to me.

So for the guys and gals out there that are cooking for themselves despite not knowing how just know that we're all in this thing together. Know that there's a legion of folks in the same boat as you that are eating scrambled eggs and PB&J sandwiches on the regular and that it's okay. We all know we're not five-star chefs, but we're out here trying our best and that's what matters. And frankly, I'm just proud of myself for actually making Chicken and Rice tonight rather than eating a few raw hot dogs out of the package, something I've also been known to do in a time of need. Sometimes it just happens, ya know?

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