365 Days of Gratitude: Day 18 - Lazy Sundays

2개월 전

Is there anything better than waking up on a Sunday and having absolutely nothing to do? No. That's the answer. There is not. In my opinion, there is no better feeling than waking up whenever your brain tells you it's time and moving through the day at your own pace, accomplishing as much or as little as you want because there are no real expectations of your time. Maybe you'll wake up, make a coffee, check your Instagram, grab something to eat and then take a nap, creating whatever version of the perfect Sunday that you can come up with.

For me, I have nothing to do today and I could not be more grateful. Yeah, I probably should get some chores done around the house, something I probably will tackle eventually, but there's nothing overly pressing that I need to accomplish. As I write this, I'm already on my second cup of coffee, I've knocked out a little bit of reading, I've made some plans with a friend to get a little bit day drunk, and I'm taking care of a few bills that need to get paid. As little as that seems in terms of an accomplishment, I'll be happy if that's all I get done today because there is no pressure on my time today. Then again, I guess that's one of the bright sides about being single in your 30s with no kids and disposable income — I can do whatever the fuck I want and it truly is a glorious feeling.

So to Sundays with absolutely nothing planned or required, I tip my cap to you because you just may be the best kind of day. Thanks, lazy Sunday, I appreciate you.

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