365 Days of Gratitude: Day 25 - Costco


When I was a kid I used to hate the idea of taking a trip to Costco. Walking around a giant warehouse through unmarked isles seemed like a nightmare to me and while I always loved getting free samples, they weren't enough to make feel like being there was a good use of my time. But as I got older and moved out on my own, a trip to Costco became the way to stock the house up with items at a discount price. Need toilet paper? Costco will bless you with enough rolls that you won't have to think about it for months. Need pickles? Now you've got a year's supply for the low, low price of $7 — it's nuts.

Now, I'll readily admit that I have no idea how the math works on how they can sell two gallons of mustard for less than $10 when it would cost five times that much at a normal grocery store, but I certainly am appreciative of the opportunity for savings.

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