365 Days of Gratitude: Day 7 - Music


I don't know if I've ever sat back and truly taken the time to appreciate music. Yeah, of course, I listen to varying types of music all the time — my favourite bands are the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and blink-182, which is a weird mix I know — but I don't know if I've ever really spent time thinking about how grateful I am for it. I mean, regardless of a person's mood, if they're open to listening to something new then you can find yourself swept away in the sounds and art that floods into your eardrums. In fact, there's something incredibly special about being lost in a song that perfectly speaks to what you're going through, and I as I think back now, there have been so many songs and artists that have spoken to me at exactly the right time.

From my formative teenage years and the angsty tunes that followed to the breakups and triumphs I've had along the way, music has always been there to help me get through the moment. Whether I'm angry or happy or sad or anything in between, I know that there's a song on my playlist that will scratch the itch which spawned by my experience. As I grow older, I truly wish I knew how to create this art form and leave meaningful songs for future generations to interpret as they wish, but for now, I guess, all I can do is appreciate those that have done it for me. All I can do is thank the countless people that I'll never meet who have spent endless hours learning to play the instruments and technology that produces the sounds I love.

Today, on day 7 of this 365 project, I'm giving my gratitude to music and the people that make it.

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