"OUT OF THIS WORLD" Dining in our beautiful MOTHER CITY - CAPE TOWN!

2년 전

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I discovered a TOTAL GEM
of a restaurant in Cape Town CBD.
It was the first time I had ever been to this restaurant,
and I have been trying to get back ever since lol!

We headed towards toward Kloof Street,
in the City Centre.
Kloof Street is always a total BUZZ of activity,
right from the bottom of the road stretching all the way up
towards our glorious Mother City mountains!

Honestly, there is NO shortage of restaurants to choose from,
so we selected a spot very quickly



I had no idea that this place even existed...
and the second we walked through the front gate,
I was in my "HAPPY PLACE" lol!

happy place.jpg

The place was absolutely EXQUISITE!!!
No matter which direction I looked,
there was so much character and detail to absorb.
as I LOVE this style of decor and aesthetics.

I felt like I had been transported into another world!

Truthfully, I think their site really says it best...

Beneath the pressed ceilings of this twentieth century Victorian house is a reservoir of design passion. From beautiful chandeliers to a suitcase-stacked bar, the restaurant is a visual feast for the diner with a curious mind and a wandering eye. Every inch of the house is archival, a memoir of a time or place that escapes the modern city around us. On balmy summer evenings, our garden is a retreat where travellers and locals meet to share tales over dishes. As the chill of winter sets in, curl up on the chesterfield couches of our library lounge or savour the glow of the dining room fireplaces.

Once you have crossed the threshold of Kloof Street House,
you instantaneously forget about the chaotic
hustle and bustle just metres away!

I was absolutely blown away by its complete unique individuality
and I got "snapping" with my camera VERY quickly!

quick camera.jpg

I have already bombarded you with photos
and we haven't even stepped inside
the restaurant yet... haha!

I literally spent about 20 minutes
wandering around outside
like a child lost in wonderland!

and when I did eventually get inside,
I was in for an even bigger surprise...

This place just got better and better!

better and better.jpg


The restaurant itself is an old Victorian style house
and every single room in the house caters for guests,
each holding a unique charm...
and SO much to absorb and photograph...

I really could have gotten lost the entire afternoon,
to snap up all the amazing intricacy of this place!

The atmosphere is just so warm and inviting,
and we were exceptionally well received on arrival.
They had only just opened their doors,
so we were one of the first patrons to arrive,
but within 30 minutes,
plenty more started to stream in one after the other,
and that didn't stop for the entire time of our visit.

I could not have imagined a more ideal spot!

Initially, we were going to attempt to sit outside,
but the wind picked up and it started to drizzle...

Nonetheless, we ended up sitting on what I assume
was the original veranda of this majestic old beauty,
which is now closed in with sliding glass windows,
so you still get to enjoy the full visual experience
of what lies in front of you,
without having to endure the weather along with it...

The veranda where we were sitting,
was scattered with the most beautiful little
mosaic bistro style tables,
which was perfect for the two of us.

DRINKS TIME!!!, (obviously haha)
and honestly, we were blessed with what I can only describe,
as THE best waiter I have EVER had in a restaurant.

I forget his name, but -
He was absolutely SUPERB!
So then It was time to kick back,
enjoy the wine and browse the menu.

There was a traditional menu
as well as a two or three course lunch special menu.

Dave ordered off the main menu and had the

Butter chicken curry served with roti, cucumber raita, tomato sambal and cailiflower mango atchar

and I decided to go with the two course special on offer.

The two courses I settled on were,

Chimichurri chalmar beef ribeye with pico de gallo, baby spinach and rustic fries

as my main, and then for dessert...

Vanilla crème brûlée, homemade shortbread

It was the most divine steak I have had in years!
Admittedly the chicken curry also looked fantastic!
(yes, yes, I had a sample of that too haha)

The main was more than enough for me,
so Dave got lucky and I donated my dessert to him... hehe
Although I had a teeny tiny taste and that too,
was simply delicious and the perfect completion
to an amazing meal!

What a memorable experience it was!

What impressed me most,
was that the bill was approx. R500!!!
Here in Cape Town,
you can go to a very regular steakhouse or pizza joint,
and rack up a bill of R500 VERY easily -
and there really wouldn't be ANYTHING unique
about the experience AT ALL!

We got a fine dining experience,
with 5 star service,
food which was nothing short of artistry and
complete sensory heaven -
in an atmosphere and environment
never to be forgotten.

It really was TOTALLY worth it!
And I DOOOOO hope to visit again soon,
especially now that Summer is approaching,
because the garden is simply magnificent!

Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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Wow it seems an enchanted place ! It' s like a fairytale place or a movie set. I would like to have a meal in a place like this!


It was REALLY amazing!!!

howdy there jaynie! oh my gosh this is one of the best posts, no this is the best restaurant post I've seen period! Love every single thing about this place. In fact I think it would be worth the trip to Cape Town just for this! lol. fantastic job!


Well I think that should be arranged @janton! And there are HUNDREDS more where that came from so you definitely wouldn't be disappointed! :)


howdy again jaynie! HUNDREDS?? my god what kind of place is that anyway? ? lol. Ok well I better reserve a year to spend there!
when you get rich I think you ought to buy one yourself and make it a dream-come-true 5 star restaurant!


@janton hehehe well, we are one of the top tourist destinations in the world (Cape Town that is...) lets forget about the rest of SA - lol - its not worth the exploration (in my humble opinion lol) and with the way our Rand is going.... you can holiday like a millionaire here haha :)


oh wow jaynie...hhhhmmm your Cape Town is sounding more and more appealing! I didn't know that you all had so many tourists, it's not exactly on the way to anything, it's quite a special trip.
Just once I'd like to see what it feels like to be on holiday like a millionaire! lol.

Elegant, ornate, ambiance all come to mind ~ the food photos LQQK good enough to eat !!


It sure was! Thanks

Just the ambiance and decor alone would have me hooked!
But then... I SAW THE steak fries in the BUCKET! And my heart swooned!


hahahaha!!!! Well either way and whichever first... a "win win" @goldendawne ;)

I love this place Jaynie!! And guess what....? The majority of the furniture is from my shop ! I love going there... I'm like, that's mine, that's mine, that's mine... :D and the food is SO GOOD!

We live in that road, so let me know if you are there again, we can get a wine!


It is without question, one of the BEST places I have visited in our beautiful city.... and if most of the decor comes from your shop, well I should definitely visit your shop then!!!!

And that wine sounds like a brilliant idea hon!!! Will do!!! Would be fabulous!!!!!!!!

My favorite kind of post; so much fun to read and so interesting to view. That food looks delicious.


Looks like our Girl just had a lot of Fun here. Eh??


Yes I certainly did.



i would absolutely love this place too! it looks pretty cosy 😍😍


it is a STUNNING place! Thanks for stopping by @asianetwork :)

It looks absolutely lovely, I love the way it is decorated, so cozy, artistic and with a touch of nature. Very nice! 💚


Yeah I am a total SUCKER for that style of decor!!!

The pictures are gorgeous
I can imagine what the real experience must have been like
It would have been my happy place too
That Butter Chicken with Roti set sounds very Indian... but not the steak..
Is it like a fusion menu?


Yeah it is an amazing place @kaerpediem :)

Most restaurants in Cape Town have a somewhat eclectic array of cuisine on their menus. So, I suppose you could refer to the whole "variety is the spice of life" theory! hehehe :)


I'm fascinated
Malaysia has just about every kind of food
Sounds like Cape Town does too :D

This food looks awesome 😍!
And the restaurant extraordinary! What an cool experience 👌

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Nothing beats a really GOOD dining experience!!!! :)

Thanks for giving us the tour, the place is just fantastically gorgeous! I love the vintage types of furniture. And the food... luckily I read this in the afternoon!!


Oh I love it too!!!! And good to know I did not torture your tummy this time around haha :)


Hahaha... Yeah! Phew...

Awesome furniture, fantastic shot! The detail, background & colors are all awesome! love the food. wonderful job!!❤😃❤


Thank you @ykdesign xxx

Thank you for inviting us to this amazing place. I find it very romantic. The ambiance. The food looks refined, I would definitely like to visit!


It is indeed very romantic... and a perfect setting for a Winters evening meal too!

@jaynie, the place is so green, statues are amazing <3

Food looks so yummy and the couch wtih the photo is ultimate <3



Yeah it is truly beautiful @clicked! A real Gem!


So true 😍

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WOW! WOW! I have to go there. Love it. Love the menu.....


We should make a point of doing that next time you are here @fionasfavourites

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Looks like fun to me :)


It certainly was hon!

My my... and I thought you went to a furniture shop to look for vintage furnitures!! Hahaha....

But those are just lovely to look at!

Love the furnitures. It’s like your traveling in a different time and its indeed exquisite!
Cozy ambiance and that vanilla cream brûlée got me salivating 🤤