Two for One | A QUIET PLACE Movie Review (entry for Steemitbloggers Contest) + Halloween Watchlist Results!

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Halloween is just hours away, and in light of this horrific holiday, I figured it would be quite fun to share some flicks with you that should definitely make your All Hallows Eve watchlist. Grab some popcorn, candy, and a pumpkin flavored beer - then turn off the lights and see if you get spooked!


First, I’ll share my thoughts on A QUIET PLACE (2018) as part of @zord189’s movie review contest for @steemitbloggers. Then, I’ll share the results of my recent Ultimate Halloween Watchlist Contest.

In short, you’ll get the inside scoop on four great movies to watch this holiday! Are you ready? Let’s start with my review...

A Quiet Place, 2018

Starring Emily Blunt, John Krasinki, and newcomer Millicent Simmonds - A Quiet Place is set in a post-apocalyptic world - plagued by monsters who are immediately drawn to the slightest sound.

Blunt and Krasinki are married, with an adolescent daughter played by Simmonds. They have been living in utter silence for some time, as anything more will bring alien creatures upon them. Other humans are scarce, and communicate with each other only by lighting watch fires in the woods at night. Overall, earth is in a shambles.

In a flashback, we see that the family used to have a young son (who is killed within the first five minutes of the movie). The tragedy of this loss haunts the family and has created a strain between all of their relationships. Because the film is shot in silence, these interpersonal relationships become fraught with tension and every moment is brought to life through physicality.

When we meet the characters, they have learned to communicate in ASL (sign language), which brings me to something that I truly love about this film. Director John Krasinki made the decision to work with a deaf actress when he cast Simmonds. Through this action, the cast and crew had the opportunity to become closer to this community and learn about ASL from a deaf artist who also played a major role in the film. There are so few opportunities for deaf actors to shine - and even fewer opportunities for them to play roles where it’s not about them being deaf.

I applaud Krasinki immensely for this choice and for the resulting authenticity it produced in the film. These kinds of actions are a step in the right direction when it comes to building equity and inclusion in the film and theatre industries. Without giving anything away outright, I’ll also say that the decision at the end to give power and agency to this character, and to allow her to play a primary role in overcoming adversity is refreshing and necessary.

In the immortal words of Sir Patrick Stewart:


Beyond all that - I think overall this is a great movie and I’d be excited to see a sequel.

That being said, I did think there were some slow scenes and segments that weren’t vital to the overall storytelling arc. At times, I think the device of “silence” slowed down the narrative unnecessarily, and the producers could have chosen to tighten up the film and perhaps even extended it slightly. I won’t give anything away, but some things happen at the end that make you wonder where things are about to go!

The cinematography is lovely - and I have to throw a shoutout to the costume designer as I was in love with every one of Emily Blunt’s long floral dresses. I may or may not have bought something similar after watching this movie.

If you find yourself missing something to watch on Halloween - definitely consider giving this a go. It’s well-acted, well-written, and very unique in the horror-movie genre!


And now, the results of the Ultimate Halloween Watchlist Contest!

This week, I only had 3 participants - but they were great (!) - so I decided to split the 6sbd prize pool three ways and transfer them each 2sbd. I really do appreciate everyone who participates in these. :)

So, in no particular order, here are 3 flicks sure to chill the marrow of your bones:

INSIDIOUS | a recommendation by @aleli

If you haven’t checked out this flick (or really any of the movies in this series) you’re missing out.

This is quickly becoming a modern classic - find out more in @aleli’s original post.

THE THING | a recommendation by @blueeyes8960

This is a classic film from 1982 set in Alaska.

I’ve always thought this was a fun watch - and you find out more at @blueeyes8960’s original post.

THE CHANGELING | a recommendation by @yestermorrow

Another classic film from 1980 that is the definition of ghost story.

If you’re looking for something sure leave shivers down your spine, this might be it. Read @yestermorrow’s full post here.

And that’s all the movies I have for today. Again - a huge thanks to @zord189 for hosting and to those who entered the Watchlist contest. <3 <3 <3

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I love A Quiet Place! Great choice @lilyraabe. Everyone in the movie was amazing. Really great review too :)


Thank you so much for comin’ by to read and check it out!

Wow! A movie totally/almost totally in silence... Interesting...


It was really interesting - a very different concept. Thanks for checking it out!


You're most welcome! :)

Nice review. Never heard about this before. The Thing is one of my favourits but if I get the chance to choose - I do not see horrormovies at all. Sometime I need to with other familymembers


Haha, I get that. It can be super scary to watch them alone! Thanks for stopping by. :)

What a great entry! You really explained it and presented the movie good! I am not much of horror film watcher but I am sure that many will want to see this after they read your review!


Thanks for those kind words and stopping by, I appreciate it.

There are so few opportunities for deaf actors to shine - and even fewer opportunities for them to play roles where it’s not about them being deaf.
1,000% this. As a hard of hearing person myself, it is frustrating for me to see members of the Deaf community so hugely underrepresented in TV and film. Thank you so much for drawing my attention to A Quiet Place. I must check it out!

Oh, I think you’ll like it - she’s a strong young woman for many reasons in this movie. Happy Halloween an thanks for stopping by!

Thank you :) Was really nice participate in your contest :D it felt like a conversation among friends.
About the movie, I haven't seen that either but the trailer seems interesting.


Glad you had fun - really appreciated your post. :) See you around the steemosphere.

I really wanna see this film but my wife refused to go with me because it looks scary!! So many questions like how do babies not cry etc. Chilling . Gonna add to my download list now .


Haha - that’s a GREAT question - and the answer is - they do no matter what. Leading to all sorts of things in the movie!