- Introducing the First Steemit Game Experience

3년 전

Do you work hard to publish a lot of quality posts on Steemit?
Are your posts appreciated and massively upvoted?
Do you get some decent payout from what you produced?

Do you feel proud of yourself?

Then it’s time for you to discover


SteemitBoard is a unique place where your achievements on Steemit will be displayed to the world!

With SteemitBoard, you can win and collect awesome awards that you will be able to show to your friends and family.

How to view your own personal Board of Honor

Go to

Enter your username (or the user's name whom you want to see the Board of Honor) and hit ENTER or click on the small search glass.

If you are a brand new user, you will see the following 3 sections in your Board of Honor.

1. Statistics

On the left side of this section, you have:

  • The number of posts you have published
  • The number of comments you have made on others posts
  • The average number of votes you have received per post.

In the center, you have a representation of your current status, given the number of MVESTS you own:

  • you own between 0 and 9 MVESTS and are considered a minnow.
  • you own between 10 and 99 MVESTS and are considered a dolphin.
  • you own between 100 and 999 MVESTS and are considered an orca.
  • you own more than 1000 MVESTS and are considered a whale.

On the right side, you have:

  • The total payouts you got from publishing your posts (in Steem Power)
  • The average payout per posts (in Steem Power)

2. Your Awards

The second section displays the awards you have collected by being active on Steemit.

For a new user, they will be all locked. You will have to work a bit to unlock them.

3. Next Awards

The third section show what you have to do to unlock your awards.

Every new user will have the following first objective:

  • To write a first post.
  • To write a first comment.
  • To vote for someone else post or comment.
  • To collect some payout for his own post(s).
  • To have people reply to his posts or comments.
  • To have others vote for his posts or comments.

They are easy targets and you should accomplish these tasks painlessly

4. Award information

If you want to know which task(s) you have to accomplish to earn an award, just click on it and a description windows will appears with all the information you need.


Let’s look at one user's Board of Honor. I took the first one by alphabetical order that has successfully made some achievements: @aaleks

His statistics shows that his MVESTS gives him the minnow status.

On the first award row, we see that :

  • He did not wrote his first post yet.
  • He wrote at least 1 comment.
  • He already voted for one post or comment
  • He did not receive any payout

On the second award row, we see that

  • He upvoted at least 100 posts or comment

What he did not achieved is

  • He did not wrote at least 10 posts
  • He did not wrote at least 10 comments
  • He didn’t got a reward of at least 10 SP
  • He didn’t got at least 10 replies
  • He didn’t got at least 10 upvotes

Here are the next awards he can win and his current targets:

He has to accomplish the following tasks to deserve these new awards:

  • to write and publish one post
  • to write 7 more comments to win the “10 comments” award
  • to make 83 more upvotes to win the “250 upvotes” award
  • to earn his first SP from a post or comment
  • to receive 8 more replies to win the “10 replies” award
  • to receive 8 more upvotes to win the “10 upvoted” award

The little gauge below each award shows the percentage of current accomplishment

Using your awards in your posts to impress your friends

SteemitBoard is cool because you have your own dashboard and awards, automatically generated and updated each time you do an action on Steemit.

Each award has an unique and permanent URL that you can reuse anywhere.

  • Unique
    The award is created for you, only YOU! It’s not a shared image.

  • Permanent
    Even if your award level changes, because you have reached your goal, the URL address of the award will always stay the same.

How to embed your award.
  1. Go to your dashboard
  2. Select the award you want to embed and right click on it
  3. Create a new post
  4. In the post body, right click and paste the address of your award

That’s it! Your award now appears in you post

SteemitBoard provides high quality, high sized awards. If you want to reduce the size of your awards (because you want to display more awards on the same line, for example), just add the following text before the URL of your award:[witdh]x[height]/

where you replace [width] and [heigth] with the size (in pixels) you want.

Example: will display my posts awards in a 50x60 pixels square.

Support this project

All rewards from this post will be used to maintain the SteemitBoard infrastructure (storage server, web server, ...).

If you find SteemitBoard valuable, thanks for supporting it.

And now, get them all!!!

Hopefully you will become the most active Steemit user and successfully decorate your dashboard and posts.

Have fun!


Thanks @captaink, who created and awesome an efficient graphic design.
If you have a look at his profile, it might be quite empty now. @captaink is a fresh new user who decided to register after I explained him how an awesome platform and community Steemit is.
He then could not resist to give it a try.

Anyway, worth to follow him because I guess he will soon publish very interesting things.

Thanks you @captaink

Thanks all for reading!

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What a great idea to do this, kudos to you my friend.
Thank you for these comments, I feel so official now :)

Awesome thank you Steemit team for all the hard work !!!

So cool, got my first award :) Upvoted this awesome project.

This looks great and it made me wonder if the awards themselves couldn't automatically be included in our profile as well as on the bottom of our posts to expose our level of interactivity and commitment to the platform... Great job! All for one and one for all! Namaste :)


This is a very good idea. Hopefully Steemit devs will see your suggestion.
Thanks for your feedback.


Thanks for recognizing the idea with such high regards. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

The website looks great! Lets get more of these rewards ;)

you killed it on this one, just started to use them and realized they auto updated. great work!


Yeah, auto-update is the key! Thanks for your comment.

Very cool. Not sure if it's a localization thing or an error, but it seems to show me having 135 thousand MVESTS, instead of just 135 MVESTS, which would put me on par with @steemit...

The image also shows me as a minnow, despite being among the top 300 holders.



Thanks for notifying.


This is really cool by the way, my sister and I have made posts about the need to encourage the idea of 'levelling' in Steem, this is a concrete effort in making that a reality.

Some more feedback:

There are many steps between the starting account level (25 Steem I think, about 50,000 VESTS) and the smallest dolphin (4798 Steem, 10,000,000 VESTS). More granular steps in between "Minnow" and "Dolphin" would make a sense of achievement/growth possible for ordinary users who don't have hundreds of dollars to spend or whose posts don't make the trending page. Thresholds at 100,000 VESTS and 1,000,000 VESTS would achieve that I think. I'm not sure what they should be called, but I guess some kind of medium sized fish.

<100,000 VESTS = Minnow
>100,000 VESTS = Medium fish? = About $8 at current prices
>1,000,000 VESTS = Large fish? = About $80 at current prices, certainly a meaningful milestone for many users
>10,000,000 VESTS = Dolphin = About $800
>100,000,000 VESTS = Orca
>1,000,000,000 VESTS = Whale

Just my thoughts!


Thanks for your positive feedback.
I started with the usual 4 well known categories. Anyway, I will take your suggestion into consideration.


Down in Florida "Grouper" is a popular and tasty fish, it might fit your medium fish category, that's if you want to stay salt water. If you're OK with fresh water you could look to Wisconsin and include the "Northern Pike" and/or "Musky." Thoughts as well.


snappers and mahi mahi and drum and opakapaka

Hello there! Is it ok if I translate your post to spanish and publish it under my account? It would be very nice for the Spanish speaking community which is growing and there is many people out there willing to know about their status. Let me know I will do it right away and then I will send you the link of the post. Also I will specify you permission to do so and that you are the creator of the article. Thanks


Hola. No hay problema para la traducción en español!


Vale la haré y te enviaré el link del post!


thank you Steemit team for all the hard work !

Damn that´s rocks ^^ very good post voting and following ^^

Sure, followed & upvoted too.

I am new here and I love your post. Full with information.
Thanks to

Thank you very much for your information! Nice Job!

Coll, Your submission was incredible to us all. thank you for sharing


Hi there a lovely surprise to find and realty appreciated thank you. I will try and follow your instructions thanks. Keep up the great work.


This is totally awesome! Thanks.


Thanks for your positive comment =)

More gamification is always good! Thanks for the fun this could bring :)


Enjoy =)

Great idea! Something for everyone working on Steemit, eSteem and to take notice of!



Great work, let the gamification begin :) Would also be great to have API so that any app can use those images/badges.


Thanks for your comment. Yes, gamification is the goal.

You do not need any API as the images URL is "static":
@username any existing username
badge.png is any displayed image (same image name for all users)

Feel free to contact on me if you have any question.

Interesting. I tried but the your award section first one already seems strange.
The one that said your first post don't work. i check for my username and @arcange. result is the same.


I just checked with your account name and everything looks working.


Sorry, i think i confuse myself. I use Chrome and clicked the First Post icon which I think understand now as awarded but the words displayed in white telling me to make my first post to get that award.
Now, if i do the same in IE, the words displayed in black. In both cases, the background is dark grey.
So, could arguably say the words were not displayed in IE :-) but white in Chrome stands out.
Just thought I'll share this info.
Thanks for your reply anyway


Made a test on IE and indeed css is not working correctly. I will fix it.
Thanks for notifying


You're welcome

  ·  3년 전

Great to see how cool we can represent our achievement on Steemit. Thks!


I'm glad you like it. Thanks

Very fun! Any plans to include curation efficiencies, a la trending curators?


There will be many new features. Thanks for the suggestion.

  ·  3년 전

More colors would be better. Different color sets on different series of badges.


Yep, I will work on colors in the coming days.
This is a first wave and I wanted to see how people react to the chosen design.
Thanks for your comment.

  ·  3년 전

Nice work ;)

  ·  3년 전

This is a great project Personally I'm a big fan of seeing some more gamification this


Thanks for your comment. More to come ...

Thanks @arcange! I'm new here and still learning the ropes. I look forward to reading more from you. Great ideas!


Thanks a lot. Comment appreciated =)

I like it)) cool all.


Thanks =)

Now this is cool.



Thank you very much dear friend @arcange for this information, reestemit the post to collaborate with your information
I'll go to the page to get acquainted with her
Congratulations for this excellent job

Nice and very useful post!

so cool! Thanks for share! ^_^

Thank you, great project!


Thank you!

I dint know about this until know that I got my fist badge! its so cool!


I'm glad you like it! =)

Very Cool, thank you for putting in the creative shows. Followed and Upvoted. Excelsior!


Thanks a lot for your support. Makes me warm at heart! =)


just signed up...still a bit confused ...says I've earned 1,213.91 sp (steem power)? I've only amassed 815.930 Still a minnow here... am I missing something?


Ok, I see that using diffferents units leads to confusion (VESTS / MVESTS).
I updated the post and made it all in MVESTS.


lol I'm sooo computer illiterate..... did I just find a "bug"? If so it will be my first ever... do i get another badge?.....hahaha.


I couldn't reply to the bug badge I was just awarded... @arcange you made me laugh this morning and I thank you very much that....keep on spreading positivity...and Keep on Steeming!


Have a nice day =)

Brilliant just brilliant. With talent like yours how can we fail!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)


Thanks a lot !!!

very free idea, cool ))


More to come ... stay tuned

Very great information about steemit! Thanks and Following! 👍


Super! Thanks!

I do not understand what you send to me

Thank @arcange, voting for you witnes!

Interesting information....Thank you for sharing...upvoted

Awesome!! thank you Steemit team for all the hard work !! love steemit :)

Not bad. Thanks.

This is great! Thank you for making this awesome website!
Little bug: My total posts rewards is 680 dollars, which is not right.


Thanks for your feedback. The dollar sign was a bit confusing and has been replaced.
Rewards unit is not dollar but Steem Power.

This is a great project! Personally I'm a big fan of seeing some more gamification.

I've added this to the @steemittalk podcast agenda to talk about on our next episode recording, time permitting.


Thanks a lot for your support. Do not hesitate to contact me on if you have any question.


Happy to do it! It's a cool project with a simple to use interface (and good instructions in this post.) I'll definitely let you know if any questions come to mind. I've seen some of the good suggestions in the comments here and I'm sure those will get tweaked...but that doesn't take anything away from this in my opinion.

Keep up the great work!

Would be cool if you could add some reputation milestone awards, also separate one for 1st, 2nd and 3rd highest rep on Steem.

Thank you for your interesting post!
I am studying English. I would like to translate and sher this article for Japanese users.
But before that, I already posted my first post and I have not received a prize. I want you to check it. please!
And another one.
It seems that the setting of the profile photo is not functioning. I can not see my picture from it. Thank you for reading!

  ·  3년 전


I think the "$" sign above "TOTAL POSTS REWARD (SP)" is a bit misleading.


I agree with you. That is something I need to improve ;)


Found something better! =)


Thanks =)

He @arcange, I understand you are involved in the Steemit Board of Honor. Well, there is a flaw on that website. Please read my short shoutout "Steemit Board of Honor Severely Outdated!" and please comment.

Good.nice post

@arcange great post with useful tips...average people are not so used to a platform like Steemit... is not facebook with it´s fancy layout and rings and bells prompting for action...however I see Steemit has a bright future ahead and it will be THE social media platform based in BLOCKCHAIN architecture of reference!!

I am glad to have click this link. I learned a lot about the board and the awards. I upvote and resteemit.

I wrote a comment and I received replies on them, but my Steemboard don't count them and I don't get the awards. Anything wrong @arcange?


TL;DR... but badges are cool.. voted!


Thank you for your feedback and you vote =)


Thank You! Arcange just getting the hang

I see @captaink Did not published nothing since 2017 he joined.
Reason:,, we din't know.....
Bur I did followed him and I am sure others as well.


To be honest, he never published.
He created an account to have a look at how Steemit works, but didn't wanted to blog.

  ·  2년 전

Hum... I see. Thaks for sharing. Quick question. How can I know how many points I need to do a level up? :/

Muchas gracias por la información! grandes recompensas por el esfuerzo, seguiremos avanzando para lograr todos los premios!!!