The Steem community has lost an epic member! Farewell @woflhart!

9개월 전

It is with great sadness that I learned on Tuesday that one of our Steem community members @wolfhart passed away.

I’m deeply saddened by this news because, in addition to the great human values and positive energy we had in common, @wolfhart was a great supporter of the SteemitBoard project. He sent us so many kind replies each time he received a notification about his progress.

Only a few days ago, he told us of his great joy at having become a dolphin:

You can read his post here

@wolfhart was a very active and supportive member of our community and I was really impressed to see the energy and kindness he deployed to keep in touch with his Steemians friends while he battled cancer and was on a hospital bed.

This picture taken from his very last post says it all!

In memoriam

I got informed of @wolfhart’s death by @brittandjosie and while we shared our sadness, she wrote:

I don’t know if steemitboard has a posthume badge but I would love one for him

Without waiting, the whole team of SteemitBoard mobilized to realize this magnificent idea.

From now on, the Steem ecosystem will have a very unique member in addition to the usual redfishes, minnows, dolphins, orcas and whales!

You can see this brand new character on his board.

This is my little gift to @wolfhart and his family. I hope they will appreciate this initiative and will find some comfort in going through these difficult times. Thank you @brittandjosie for this brilliant idea.

As any information in the blockchain, @wolfhart will stay in our minds and in our hearts... forever!

Farewell my friend!

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This is absolutely perfect, @arcange. He would have been so honored. This truly is the greatest community ever. Thank you for all you do for all of us.


Thank you for your kind words @melinda010100. 🙏

@wolfhart was really happy about Steem. He was giving ideas how to improve the communities up until his last breath. What a spirit.


Yes, he was (and still is) a model for us all.

OMG WOW what a great design. Unreal, its sooooo beautiful. This Memorial badge is so great, and i know he would have loved it so much ! And i like to think he can see this from the stars. I thank you from the bottom off my hart and Will go and tell the family right now. Again a great badge Made thank you team @steemitboard and @arcange i was a bit worried to ask, but i am so glad i did.


And with the great news i feel a bit more happy and less greeved


« Ask and you shall receive »
Matthew 7:7

I'm glad too you did it.

Beautiful badge.
When we lose Steemians it's like losing a family member.


Thank you @steemitqa.
Yes, the Steem community is sometimes like a big family to me and it's hard to lose one of its most valuable members

Such a great gesture. Well done, @steemitboard!

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Awesome gesture, @arcange. He really deserved this


Peace to @wolfhart's remains and to his family. Respect for the homage @arcange.

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Condolence and Rest in Peace

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