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I'm going through all my contacts and advice to retrieve all their assets from those exchanges also to press charges to those exchanges.. because by doing this action blocking their funds for a minimum of 3 months. I call up to everyone press charges take all your assets from those exchanges.. and follow my advice don't keep your assets on exchanges.. a owner of an exchange and another blockchain buys into a blockchain and want to take control.. thereby destroying that blockchain.. This is also a good example 20witnesses is not good enough.. let all the witnesses or top 100 witnesses vote for changes.. But it's too late this will be the end of steem. As we know it.


Yes this blew it totally. Steemit was already on shaky ground and now it has gone over to the dark side.

what to do to users? what proposal to vote for? we need to think about updating votes for witnesses ...

Why is blocktrades blocking all trades? They label steem "under maintenance" for days now. Is all steem blocked like this? No one can move their steem at all? What a HIJACK, or is it Sun and the result of his actions, or is it due to the exchanges locking up their steem holdings? Why can't I or anyone sell our steem today from our wallets here on steemit?

I applaud your move, however, perhaps give them less a cool looking badge.

Pirates are groovy, well... not in real life.. but Pirates and Ninjas, are hip.

So, Here I made a Shit badge. It's a lot less cool the pirates.


Shit Badges for shit accounts? IDK.. Thoughts?