SteemitBoard World Cup Contest - Round of 16 - Day 3

2년 전

Here are the intermediate results of the round of 16

This third day of the knockout phase has been way more easy to predict, even if the result of the match between Belgium and Japan has been unpredictable until the very last seconds. Congratulations to Japan for being an excellent opponent and congratulations for the Red Lions for coming back from a 0-2 score and winning the match 30 seconds before the end. So amazing!

For those who want to join the contest, Remember that you can enter it at any time of the competition. Better late than never! Carefully read the rules in the contest announcement post and the Knockout phase post!

To register for the contest, send 0.010 SBD or 0.010 STEEM to @steemitboardpool with wordlcup2018 in the memo.

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TeamsValid betsTeam ATeam BWinner
France vs Argentina585343242France
Uruguay vs Portugal575223352Uruguay
Spain vs Russia63053892Russia
Croatia vs Denmark61051892Crotatia
Brazil vs Mexico628521107Brazil
Belgium vs Japan62356162Belgium

Special mention

We would like to congratulate @atalontuan, @edwardsun55, @lacazette, @miti, @theguymasamato, @twinner and @vhhau for being able to guess 6 result on 6 matches in this first part of the knockout phase.

Let see if they will be able to grab the last 2 badges tomorrow.

Contest top 25 ranking

Congratulation to @bidbots who keeps pole position with 36 badges and maintains his lead over other players

Following him, 5 players with 34 badges. Congratulations to @minimining, @luisrojas06, @tychoxi, @chehkuna and @kinakomochi.

Next we have 6 players with 33 badges. Congratulations to @jrvacation, @bitpizza,
@vicspics, @flemingfarm, @ascheriit and @minders.

1 @bidbots36
2 @minimining34
3 @luisrojas0634
4 @tychoxi34
5 @chehkuna34
6 @kinakomochi34
7 @jrvacation33
8 @bitpizza33
9 @vicspics33
10 @flemingfarm33
11 @ascheriit33
12 @minders33
13 @full-measure32
14 @yulismal32
15 @fw20632
16 @misbahjuli32
17 @total8832
18 @kylestam32
19 @stimp102432
20 @georgebush132
21 @stayoutoftherz31
22 @elevator0931
23 @jasiu31
24 @faroel31
25 @truebar31

You can now find the complete ranking on the SteemitBoard's website.

Read this post to find out more.

Check out your board to see if you got your badge:

Congratulations to anyone who successfully guessed the result of the 2 matches.

Good luck and enjoy the World Cup 2018!

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늘 월드컵은 흥미 진진하죠..

Well done @steemitboard! You successfully guessed the match result.

Round 16 - Brazil vs Mexico
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SteemitBoard World Cup Contest - Round of 16 - Day 3

Why didn't you give me the badge for the Uruguay vs. Portugal match?

Tomorrow will not be so easy to guess how today. Because the game between England and Colombia is not easy. And Switzerland and Sweden are not easy either.

Tomorrow will be an important day for me, as the two games are not easy and several could reach me in the first place.

The Colombians will come out with all their starters and I have seen Colombia play and do it very well but I will vote for England for technical superiority.

Between Sweden and Switzerland, I made a mistake and voted for Sweden, but I can not return my vote. I hope to be lucky in this game because the Swiss have elite players.


yeah the upcoming matches are the ones that will move the rankings once again because the votes are distributed, compared to the previous ones where most votes went to the dominant country which is not the case in these 2 matches. Best of luck!


This round was easy Russia was the difference that gave the surprise, but the quarterfinals are burning.
Thanks for wishing me luck


You guess right. Me too. Sweden is good this year. England or columbia in next match.


You were lucky with your vote for Sweden (like me)
I voted for Colombia. This match will make the winner between us for the day ;)


I was lucky today accept the 2 winners although with a bit of luck.


I hope to be lucky in this game because the Swiss have elite players.

Congrats :)

Pls upvote me I’m a newbie💖


just a piece of my mind, don't beg for votes it is more likely you will get flagged than up voted.

I am a regularly watch FIFA world cup 2018. I have a great attraction for football. I am going to Resteem your post. But I don't know what is the benefits.


Read the annoucement post (link in top of this post)

Try place your bets with

I can't wait to see Brazil take it all the way home!

I still can't get the unlocking of the badge where I gave upvote as winner to Belgium and it has been more than 1 day because?