Refunds Begin Next Week + New Service Interruptions

2년 전

We Will Begin Refunding Our Members Next Week

We will reach over 600 Steem liquid next week due to the power down, and we will then begin refunding all of our members with the most active accounts being the first to be refunded. The full list of members to be refunded are:


New Service Interruption

We have unfortunately been extremely busy with our day jobs due to the corona virus epidemic that's sweeping the globe. We are almost back to capacity and will shortly begin the new service which will help people build their steemit or hive accounts up on auto pilot!

We have created a discord channel at which we encourage you all to join. While we are not currently active in there at the moment, keep your eyes out for notifications from our channel as we're preparing to go full steem ahead!

Thanks To All Our Members For Making This Possible, We'll All Be Building Our Steemit Accounts Very Soon!

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