Update: We're Stopping The Upvote Service + Beginning Our New Service

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We've Stopped Our Upvote Service Effective Feb 2020

As the #newsteem initiative is frowning upon upvoting services and upvote bots we have decided to stop our upvote service effective from Feb 2020. Please note: if you're a member, we're going to refund you for every build but unfortunately can not refund any SBI shares purchased. For example: if you have 66 builds with 12 SBI shares, then you will be refunded 66 Steem (the price you paid) and your SBI shares will still be active as it's a separate service to ours.

We will be refunding everyone in approx. 5 weeks time first to second week in April once we have powered down 665 Steem. There is no refund request required and we will simply send the steem back to the accounts that purchased the builds.

We would like to thank all of our members for joining us and we're sorry we're stopping the upvote service. However if you wish to stick with us then we have some cool new things coming that will make you WAY more Steem than our upvote service could...

We are tagging all of our members so that you're all aware of what's happening, and that you will be refunded for your builds.


New Free Service

Ok, so we've had a good long think about how we can help our members make Steem without our upvote service and it dawned upon us that we know ways we can easily generate profit for our users from external sources and bring them into steem to generate more steem power and thus build your steemit account up.

What Is The New Service?

We don't have a name for it yet, any suggestions are welcome!

The new service will be free to use, and is aimed at generating profit from external sources to bring in additional $ to convert to Steem Power! You can then either delegate or curate.

The new service will be aimed towards showing you ways to generate some guaranteed profit mostly on auto pilot that you can use to help build up your Steemit account. We personally use the exact same methods ourselves and have decided to share with our members to help them gain more Steem Power quickly and build their accounts.

ZERO RISK - Manual Service - Road To Glory

Everyone loves something for nothing right? Well go elsewhere, you of course need to do something, but it's not hard and anyone can do it for free! As the name suggests this service will require you to manually complete some tasks each day in order to generate profit.

What we will do in this service is get you at least $25 profit, once you have the $25 earned you will be moved to AUTO service. We estimate that it will take anywhere from 1 week to 1 month to generate based upon time spent.

Auto Service - $25 Investment Needed

Ok, so this service is automated by a bot so you don't have to waste any time at all from your day job etc. You will just need to set it up and leave it to run. We expect you to generate your $25 back anywhere from 2 weeks minimum to 2 months maximum depending upon your desired bot settings.

We do strongly suggest this method and once any member has $25 generated from the manual service we will advise the move to auto of course.

What Do I Need?

  1. A computer running windows that you can keep the bot running 24/7 (no we're not mining some sh*t coin don't worry!)
  2. Discord - so we can chat to each other as we will be giving out the ways to make money there and not here on steemit (sorry but it's for members only)
  3. $25 if you want to go on auto pilot (you can earn $25 manually then switch to autopilot if you want 0 risk)
  4. A brand new email address (you can create them free with outlook, gmail etc)
  5. Dedication - once you're set up you really should keep this running as it's a no brainer and will keep earning for the foreseeable future!

How Do I Join?

Simples: Head on over to our discord server at https://discord.gg/K933T8 and let us know which service you'd like to join and we'll get you started straight away!


Thanks For Reading!

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Thanks, @STEEMITBUILDER for including me in your list. Soon the Steem will be 1-2 USD, so let see.For sure more and more people will join us!


@yanipetkov - That's exactly why we're trying to help people grow their steemit accounts now before the next big push! In all honesty this new service sounds a bit loose on here but we need to keep it low-key otherwise everyone will jump on without following the exact method.

The new service is totally different, you should be making an absolute minimum of about 3 Steem per day at the start rising to a minimum of 5 Steem per day at minimum. The aim we're looking for is to help people add around 10 Steem per day to their accounts on auto pilot. Compared to our upvote service this really does generate a lot more profit.

If you're interested then join the discord and we'll explain everything in there.

The door closes and a window opened. Thank you for your service and good luck on your new project. It sounds really promising. I can't wait.. 🌞

Thanks you for my refund.