We're Closing Down

2년 전

With The Advent of #NewSteem We Have Decided To Stop Our Service

As you may or may not know, the #newsteem initiative has frowned upon bidbots, voting pools, and subscription type upvotes. As a result we have decided to end our services with immediate effect and we will be refunding all of our members 100% of the amount paid for our builds. You will not receive any funds back for any SBI shares we may have purchased on your behalf.

Refund Policy

We will begin to power down our Steem Power shortly after this post goes live and we will then wait until we have approx. 666 Steem so that we can refund our entire community in full. In the meantime you will still receive an upvote from us, however due to the powering down our vote will begin to reduce in size.

You do not have to contact us or request a refund, we have a full list of members and number of builds / steem we need to refund, we will directly refund straight to your wallet for the user registered. So for example: @gringo211985 has 66 builds and will be refunded 66 steem.

If you do not want us to refund to the original account then please let us know and we'll see if we can arrange for the steem to be sent to a different account.

We're Sorry

We're sorry that we've had to pull the plug, but we don't want our members ever running the risk of being downvoted for subscribing to our services and hence this is why we are stopping our service. Our members have been really good to us and have helped us grow in a fantastic way. We wish you all the best moving forward with Steemit and Steem.

Thanks For Reading!

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