How About We Use The Valentine's Day To Show Love To The Poor

3년 전

You see a list of the requested gifts from some ladies to their boyfriends and you would be like "Wait sis, are we celebrating your birthday?"


It may get to a degree where one would consider committing suicide. (Kidding though). The reason I do say this:

Ladies birthdays are celebrated thrice in a single year. These three times are their real birthday, the Christmas period (as if they're the one born on 25th of December) and the Valentine's Day. Is it their day?

That's the reality we guys are giving no option of living without. It's a must. Unless you ain't considering going out with a lady especially in Nigeria.

It's not bad to show love to our better half. In fact, love is meant to be shown to them every blessed day and not just on Valentine's Day. But in real sense, it's not meant to be limited to our better half alone. It's meant to extended to everyone living around us and in our life entirely. Starting from our immediate family members, boyfriend/girlfriend, friends, associates, colleagues and most especially, the poor and needy around us.

Our family and friends get enough hugs as it is,but the poor and needy ain't finding life funny. We live a happy life. We enjoy every blessed day of our existence on earth. The opposite is just the case for the poor to who see living as being in hell.

I now challenge every steemian reading this to spend the day showing love to the people around us. Showing love isn't limited to giving people gifts. Giving a smiling face, good and kind talks and the likes are ways of showing love.


You don't understand the blessing of God you're receiving when you feed, clothe, shelter and do everything you wish at the time you wish. This is what the needy are lacking, and I request us to consider them in our existence. May God Almighty help us all.

I wish every steemian a Happy Valentine's Day in advance.

Remember to show love to someone.

Thanks for your time. I hope this post gets your upvote and resteem

Happy steem!

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