Story with a lesson for kids


On the top of the mountain, close to the clouds you will find a beautiful forest.  In this forest you will find a lot of happy animals.


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They live together in harmony and with no hate towards each other.  Each animal is beautiful in their own way, and even if some of them are different from one another they accept them exactly the way they are.

These animals did not know humans and the destruction that their interference in nature can cause, but one day everything changed.

A hunter made his way up the mountain and started setting traps.  The animals that saw this did not really know what the hunter was doing, since they have never seen a human or a trap, but they just knew that the trap was a dangerous contraption and they would have to tell all the other animals in the forest to stay away from these shiny things with the big teeth.


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Lion, the king of the jungle held a meeting and warned every animal to be careful.

One animal that never listened to the king was the fox.  He would just go his own way and do whatever he wanted.

One day, while playing in the forest, the fox saw a shiny object in the grass.  Because he did not listen at the meeting, he did not know that he was suppose to stay away from the trap.  

He slowly moved closer, sniffing here and there.  Something smelled really good and he was getting hungrier by the minute.

When he got closer to the trap he saw a big chunk of meat just lying there.

This is my lucky day, I do not even have to work hard to find any food today, he thought to himself happily.

Fox moved closer and closer.  He opened his mouth and could already taste the meat, when CLANG....SNAP..... the trap closed.

Luckily fox was still young and could move quickly, but o dear, he was not fast enough .... his tail was stuck in the trap.

HELP! HELP! fox shouted, I am stuck.  Get me out of here!!!  OUCH it hurts!!!

Unfortunately no animal was around to hear fox moan and groan, because they listened to the king when he told them to stay in their houses until the hunter was gone.

He pulled and pulled and at last he freed himself.  But when he wanted to have a look and see what his tail looked like, his tail was gone!

There was the tail, still stuck in the trap.  He pulled so hard he broke his tail off.

The fox felt very shy now, because he realized the other foxes and animals are going to laugh at him and it was all his own fault because he did not listen to the king.

The fox did not want anybody to laugh at him so he came up with a plan.  I will just act as though it is much more fun not having a tail, and that way people will think I am very happy with my new look.

The other foxes started laughing at him because he looked so funny, but they stopped laughing when he told them This is the best thing that could ever have  happened to me, I am so happy without a tail.

He even told them that he can run much faster.

Most of the foxes thought about this and wanted to go to the king and ask him to remove their tails too, but one very clever old fox said You are lying.  You are just pretending to be happy so that we loose our tails and you will not be jealous any more.

A fox must have a tail, but it does not mean that if you do not have a tail you are not a fox any more, so why do you lie and say you are happy when you are not?  You know in this forest we accept one another, no matter what you look like.


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The fox felt very shy again and started crying.

I am so sorry for pretending to be happy when actually I am sad, he said through all his tears.

The old fox gave him a hug and asked him why he felt that he had to lie.

I was scared you will not accept me because I am different from you now and I wanted to pretend that I am something else so that you will accept me.

The old fox sighed and said It does not mean that if you are different than us you need to lie.  Love yourself for who you are and accept yourself and the other foxes will also accept you, even if you look a bit different.

From that day on wards, the fox did not lie anymore and he was just himself, because he learned being yourself is much better than to lie and act as though you are different from who you really are and sometimes we just have to face the consequences of our deeds and learn to live with it.


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