AN ANIMAL THAT CAN NOT WALK OR SWIM sorry wrongly posted.

2년 전

Today I am going to tell you all about an animal that cannot walk or swim.   

That does sound weird how can animals not walk or swim.  


image source 

The truth is that I did not know they were animals and they are.  

They are sponges at the bottom of the ocean and they are truly animals.  

I think most children have washed with sponges and loved it.  


image source 

Sponges are now made synthetically, which is good for the ones in the ocean as they are not used so much anymore.  

There are still sponges harvested but not that many.  

We should show our children that there are so many types of sponges and they are really animals that eat although they cannot walk or swim. 

I truly hope that children will see how beautiful they are, and if they have a real sponge be sure they know how it started by coming out of the sea.  

I truly hope you enjoy my video on sponges and may you have a wonderful day from me.     

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