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I think we do not always realise what wonderful art is out there.  If you are an art teacher these are the things you should be showing to the children.  


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The internet has the most awesome art for us to find, and it could just wake something in a child to start thinking outside the box because this is not on a canvas, and they will find out that art come in so many forms.  

We forget the different ways that art presents itself.  

I loved this because I first thought what a slow movement and then I saw what it was.  So please let children realise that art is not just drawing.  

People who love to work with wood and any person that makes something out of another medium is artist to me.  That is why I say pottery, woodwork and even designing clothes is all wonderful art.  

Children do not have to get stuck and think I cannot draw so I am not an artist.  

I hope you enjoyed this and have a wonderful day from me.      

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