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When Luan and Jared woke up, they were both sort of out of it. They were so happy thinking that they could make their wonderful task today. 

Luan’s mother called them for breakfast and they went to the kitchen. 

She had decided that Jared had been eating so many eggs from what Luan told her she made them pancakes and a bowl of fruit. They also both had a glass of orange juice. 

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She could see that Jared enjoyed every piece and was very happy, as she felt so sorry for him.

Ok guys leave the kitchen, go and dress and start working on your project I will clean the kitchen myself. When I am finished I will come and sit and knit with you so I can see how smart you two are. 

They went upstairs, brushed their teeth, and dressed. Luan felt very happy, as he was always alone yet he was never unhappy. He just realised that it is so much nicer if there are other children around as well. 

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They started looking at the photographs and decided that the flight to Cape Town was definitely the most important of them all to start with. They then followed the way the holiday went. The pictures of the table mountain, where they went up in the cable car came next.

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They started really enjoying themselves and Luan told him about everything he saw. He showed him the aquarium and the wonderful Sunfish that they had caught and they were enormous. 

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Then they put the pictures of Tobagon Family Park sliding down the mountain. Then the little baby dolphin that was found and all the wonderful things that he saw how they gave him a bottle and Jared was in awe. 

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Luan that must have been wonderful Jared said. Look at all these beautiful butterflies. 

Then Luan told him how they went to the place where the oceans split, one side was Indian Ocean and the other Atlantic Ocean. 

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Then they did the pictures of the ostrich farm and enjoyed it as they were very funny animals. 

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Luan’s mother then brought them some biscuits and each a glass of milk and asked how everything was going. They showed her and she said this is very nicely done. 

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They then put the photos of the winemaking in and then then the deep sea fishing of the Tuna. Last but not least they put all the pictures of the bird sanctuary in and started putting glitter all around just to make it look nicer. 

That was the end of their holiday and they flew back home. Luan’s mother said, here is a writing pad that you can write everything down so your teacher will also know what was happening. First write in pencil so that I can fix your spelling in case you do spell something wrong. 

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They then took a break and had a lovely light lunch with salad and cold meats. They went and played outside a little bit, and then went back to write about all the pictures. When they had done it all Luan’s mother looked at it and only found one spelling mistake. 

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Now here is a nice book for you to rewrite it in pen. Jared said he would write and Luan can tell him what as he must also help with the project. It took hours and Luan’s mother heard them laughing all the time. It is so wonderful to hear children laugh, she was thinking just like angels and she felt so happy. 

After they had finished she looked at all their work and she said she was very impressed with them. They felt so proud that they had done this all by themselves. 

By now it was dinner time and they did not have time to go to the forest, but she promised that tomorrow after church they could go and play in the forest until Jared’s father fetched him. The next morning after church they could not wait to put old clothes on and go to the forest. 

Jared said to Luan’s mother, I feel as if I was on holiday myself this weekend thank you for being so nice to me. They then ran to the forest. When Jared heard his father’s big lorry he said we will have to go home now my father will be waiting and I still want to show him our project. 

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Jared’s father grabbed him and said, I missed you so much, did you enjoy your weekend. Oh so very much we worked hard at the project and I want to show it to you please. Sure his father said where is it? 

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In the study come I will go and show you. 

Luan’s mother said take your time and we will all have lunch before you leave, I made a lot of food, and not sure what time you would get here. 

That is so kind of you, I will love to hear everything that happened this weekend. They took him to the study and showed him the project.

I hope you enjoyed my story and see you tomorrow, have a wonderful day.


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Good parents help their children in their school home work and projects.

Ok guys leave the kitchen, go and dress and start working on your project I will clean the kitchen myself. When I am finished I will come and sit and knit with you so I can see how smart you two are.

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