NEW WORD? WEEK DAY 3 - Shoefie

4년 전

Ok, Steemians. Time for Day 3 of The NEW WORDS WEEK.

English changes ALL. THE. TIME. Are you keeping up? Are you up to date?

So far we looked at sweatworking and plandid

Now, let's look at the shoefie... You must've heard of selfies, maybe even bothies (also a new word) But have you ever seen a shoefie?


Again, mostly used on Instagram and/or snapchat :) 

Do you take shoefies?

Remember to follow me @cwbrooch and upvote!

Stay tuned for tomorrow!

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definitely all remember you because you are a good friend, i am happy to share with you @cwbrooch

Oh, these are very popular among us. Especially when all are wearing same type^^