Support ME in an educational competition!

4년 전


I am writing to you  with a tiny tiny request. 

I'm taking part in a competition organized by Pearson (the Publishing House) 

The prize is attending a prestigious conference in the UK ! 

 All I need is votes... and it would seem A LOT OF THEM! 

 I now have 220 votes (the first lady over 700). The procedure is simple. 

Click on the link -> watch the video  (two minutes) -> vote for me (2 seconds)  

ERGO the whole process will take you 2:02!! 

(I answer two questions: how to check students are making progress and what's best about being a teacher)

And we can vote every day!  

Please support me, like it, share it,  maybe I could at least catch up a little bit... :)  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 

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Hello, what is the competition?


Tjecdeadline for videos was 31 dec. Tje competition is to answer the tgree quesrions

Write about it for the #polish community. And I've already voted. :)