Honest Young Kids

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Hi there. This educational post is on honest kids and young students. I refer to kids and young students more in the grades less than 7 (less than age 12).

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  • Introduction & Personality Types
  • Young Kids Are Still Learning Manners
  • Some Kids Are Very Honest!


Introduction & Personality Types

I am not sure what made me want to write this post. Maybe it is because I have been working at a Mathnasium for a bit and want to share some experiences.

A big part of being an educator is working variety of young students with a variety of personalities. It is important to be able to adapt to different students and understand their personalities. Understanding the student(s) would allow for coming up with effective solutions for student assistance.

This post deals with the honest children. Honesty from kids can be helpful or it can be brutal.

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Young Kids Are Still Learning Manners

It is somewhat unreasonable to set high expectations for young students as they are learning manners in their early years. Young children do not know clearly what is right or wrong in the moral sense and within social settings. In a lot of cases, children do look up to those older than them as examples. As a result, some children do act similar to one of both of their parents in terms of personalities. Remember the phrases "like father like son" and "like mother, like daughter".

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Some Kids Are Very Honest!

Beware the fact that some kids are very honest either by nature in their personality or their manners have not been fully developed. Educators at times may have take some verbal jabs from kids. Sometimes kids just want to express how they feel, sometimes they don't mean what they say and some kids may not care. Educators may have to set up some clear boundaries, rules and expectations for kids if any young student gets too crazy with what they do and say.

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Thank you for reading.

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