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Enhance Your Writing by Learning Critical Thinking

Expanding your ideas in writing is one of the most challenging task that the students have to face, according to Babi Kruchin. She performs her duty as one of the lecturers in the American Language Program at Columbia University.

Kruchin describes the expanding of ideas in writing, she is referring to critical thinking which is the ability to think clearly and to create a form of judgment.

You can absorb a lot of information from someone through their writing. A student who does not acquire a knowledge of thinking critically may have a crucial time in making ideas for writing.

Schools and employers put a high esteem on critical thinking skills. The significance of critical thinking is clearly visible through standardized tests, such as the SAT with its "Critical Reading" and "Writing and Language" portion.

Diane F. Halpern, a professor of psychology at Claremont McKenna College in California, explains that critical thinking is part of writing skillset that is very significant in the modern and trendy job market.

Babi Kruchin indicated on her statement that critical thinking is hard to teach and difficult to grasp. She says a student can surpass the difficulty of grammar and vocabulary.What most students complained about, is that creating an original idea and supporting it, is the problem.

Does learning critical thinking is difficult, what can you do?

Kruchin proposes that students can initiate by improving their critical thinking skills through constant reading. Kruchin suggests that students must not read without setting a goal in mind. She emphasized that students should observe how other writers construct their argumentative ideas. They can simply do this through these few questions:

"What is the argument about? What evidence does the writer utilize? How does the writer execute their ideas? How is the writer making a relevance to their ideas?”

Wanting to know the answers to these questions will assist you to think about how you can write in a better way– and you can exercise you critical thinking as well.

Reading Comprehension:

1 . Who is Babi Kruchin?

2 . Is teaching Critical Thinking easy to teach, according to Kruchin?

3 . In what way does a student must do in order to improve his/her critical thinking skills?

Do you enjoy writing? If so, do you consider yourself to be a good writer? If not, why not?

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Interesting articles and I'm hooked to just answer the questions at the end of this article. Personally, yes, I really enjoy writing. I keep learning to write from anyone, especially from books like a collection of short stories, novels, essays and other general reading books. From different authors, I learned how they compose sentences, and how to express them when conveying their ideas. But one thing I can not answer, am I a good writer? I think this can only be answered by others who have read my writing. And one task I have to finish at any time is, learn and keep learning to write from anyone. Cheers and thanks for sharing this great article.


honestly, i'm not good at writing too. I prefer to express what I feel verbally than in writing. but there is more than just saying it than in writing, you can attract someone through your writing and entertain them with your perspective.