Bible stories for kids 13 - Jacob moved away from Laban back to Caanan

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Genesis 31:1-55

Jacob worked for Laban for many years and while the Lord was with Jacob, Laban became just richer and richer. One day Jacob said to Laban you know what, because the Lord is with me, you became just richer and richer. I think it's time for me to go back to my own family and my home.

Laban said to Jacob you are right, you are a very good and hard worker and I have become very rich because your God is with you. But tell me how much do I have to pay you to stay.
Jacob told Laban you do not have to pay me anything. All I want is all the white and black lambs that are born. Laban then told Jacob well so you can take all the white and black lambs for you as a reward. But Laban deceived Jacob again. He went and quickly took all the speckled and striped sheep and goats out of the herd and also all the black lambs. Laban then gathered all these animals together and gave them to his other sons to watch. Moreover, Laban made sure that Jacob was far from his sons. But during all these times, God protected him from all Laban’s tricks. If Laban said, that Jacob can keep all the goats with spots and that will be his pay. After he said this, all the animals gave birth to spotted goats, so they were all his. Then Laban said ok next time I will keep the spotted goats. You can have all the striped goats. That will be your pay. After he said this, all the animals gave birth to striped goats. So God has taken the animals away from Laban and gave them to Jacob.

One day Jacob heard what Laban's sons spoke about him. They said, Jacob took all of our father's goods. He became rich with things belonging to our father. Jacob also noticed that Laban was no longer as friendly as before. The Lord said to Jacob in a dream: return to the country of your father where you were born. I'll be with you. Jacob was obedient to God. He told Leah and Rachel about his dream. He told them that God told him to go back to his house where his father Isaac was waiting for him. So Jacob prepared for the trip. He put his children and his wives on camels and took everything he owned and left quickly.

Three days later Laban discover that Jacob had run away. He gathered his men together and began to chase Jacob. After seven days Laban found Jacob. That night God came to Laban in a dream and said, Be careful! Be careful of every word you say to Jacob. The next morning Laban said to Jacob, Why did you trick me? Why did you take my daughters you didn’t even let me kiss my grandchildren goodbye. I have the power to hurt you. But last night God came to me in a dream. He warned me not to hurt you in any way. I know that you want to go back to your home. That is why you left. But why did you steal the gods from my house? Jacob answered: I left without telling you, because I was afraid that you would take your daughters away from me. But I did not steal your gods. Jacob said to Laban: *anyone here with me who has taken your gods, he or she will be killed.

You can look for anything that belongs to you and also take anything that is yours. (Jacob did not know that Rachel had stolen Laban’s gods. So Laban went and looked through Jacob’ tents but he did not find the gods or anything else from his home. Rachel sat on the saddle bag and refusing to get up as her father searched her tent.

Then Jacob became very angry and said: You looked through all my stuff and you couldn't found anything that belongs to you. I worked for 20 years like a slave for you. And during that time you trict me many times. If God had not been with me, you would have sent me away with nothing.

So Laban said to Jacob: Let us set up a pile of stones to remember our agreement. I will never go past these rocks to fight against you, and you must never go on my side of these rocks to fight against me.

Early the next morning Laban kissed his grandchildren and his daughters goodbye and blessed them and went back home.

Sources: ERV Holy Bible - easy to read Bible, New King James Bible (NKJV), New International Version (NIV)

Thank you for reading, may you be blessed abundantly.

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Great story and teaching from the Bible!

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