Bible stories for Kids 20 - The story of Joseph - Part 5 & 6

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Genesis 44-46

After Joseph and his brothers had a good meal together, it became time for them to go back to their father in Kanaän. But Joseph did not want his brother Benjamin to go back with his other brothers. He loved his brothers but he loved Benjamin much more. Therefore he made a plan so that his brothers could bring Benjamin back to him. This was his plan.

Joseph commands his servant to fill his brother's bags up with as much grain as they can carry and to give all their money back. Then the servant had to put Joseph's silver cup on top of Benjamin's bag. It should look like Benjamin stole it.

After his brothers left the city, Joseph said to his servant to follow his brothers and to stop them and said to them; We were good to you! So why have you been bad to us? Why did you steal my master’s silver cup? The servant then did exactly as Joseph told him.

The servant chased after his brothers stopped them and told them; We were good to you why were you so bad to us?Joseph's brothers did not know what the man was talking about. Then the man asked them; Why did you stole my master's silver cup? They answered him and said; We would never do such a thing. We brought back the money that was on top of our bags last time. Why shall we steal silver or gold from your master home?
Then they said; It does not matter who of us has the cup, that person must be killed and then we will be your master's slaves.
The servant said, I agree, except only the one by whom I get the silver cup will be my master's slave. Your other can go home. Then they opened their sacks on the ground. The servant found the cup in Benjamin’s bag.

Joseph's brothers were so sad that they tore their clothes. They put their sacks back on their donkeys and went back with Benjamin to the city. They could not get it over their hearts to send their brother back alone.
When his brothers went back to Egypt Joseph was still there. His brothers fell to the ground and bowed down before him. Joseph said to them, Why have you done this? Judas acted on behalf of his brothers and said to Joseph that there is nothing that they can do to prove their innocence. He said to Joseph that God is behind everything and that He exposed them for how bad they really are. He told Joseph that they are all guilty, just like the one by whom the cup was found, for something terrible they did many years ago, and that they all will be his slaves.

Joseph said to him; No, just the one who stole my cup will be my slave. The rest of you can go back to your father. Judah said to Joseph; Sir, I dare not go back to my father without the boy. Our father loves the boy very much. If he sees that the boy is not with us, our father will die. We will cause him to go into the grave with sorrow. Sir, I guaranteed my father to look at the boy. I said to him, If I do not bring him back, I'll be guilty to Father forever. Please, Lord, let me stay here as your slave in the place of the boy and let him go back with his brothers. I can not bear to think that I will hurt my father so much.

Joseph could not hide his feelings about his brothers anymore. He told all his servants to leave the room. After a few words he burst into tears. He cried so hard that the Egyptians heard it. Even the people in Pharaoh's house heard it. His brothers did not know why he was crying. Finally, he said; I am Joseph. Is my father still alive? His brothers were so surprised that they could not speak. They were afraid. But Joseph told them that they should come closer to him. When they did, he said, I am Joseph your brother, whom you sold to the Egyptians. Joseph was very friendly to his brothers. Joseph told his brothers that they should not blame themselves for selling him. Because it was ultimately God's plan that he had to go to Egypt to save people's lives.
He told them that Pharaoh had appointed him as ruler throughout the country. Joseph told his brothers to go straight to their father and tell him. Your son Joseph says, Father, I'm still alive! God has appointed me all over Egypt and I want father to come to me immediately. Joseph embraced Benjamin and began to cry.

Benjamin also embraced Joseph and cried on his shoulder. Then he hugged all his brothers and kissed them.

His brothers took the shortest path to Canaan. They wanted to get home as soon as possible. When they arrived at home, they immediately said to their father Jacob, Father, Joseph is still alive! And he is the man who rules over all Egypt.

Their father Jacob was stunned and did not want to believe them at first. They had to tell him everything over and over again. When he saw all the wagons that Joseph sent to get him, he began to believe them.

And it was as if he had become a new person. To the extent that he said, We have talked enough. My son lives and I want to see him before I die. Come, let's go to Egypt immediately.

So it happened that Jacob and all his people left Canaan with their possessions. On his way to Egypt, he stopped at Berseba and offered a sacrifice to God. The Lord told Jacob in a vision that he should not be afraid to go to Egypt. The Lord also told Jacob that He would make him a great nation there and that Joseph would take care of him and be with him until the day of his death. Jacob said in his heart, I am coming, my son! ... I am coming, my son Joseph!
When they came near Egypt, Jacob sent Judah forward to Joseph to let him know that he was on his way to Goshen.
When Joseph heard the good news about his father who was on his way, he immediately get his royal carriage ready to go to his father.

When Jacob saw them coming. He stopped his wagon and climbed of. His eyes were so full of tears that he could hardly see Joseph as he extended his old arms. When Joseph saw him, he hugged him and stood there and cried for a long time. Then Jacob said to Joseph, Now I can die. I saw you. You're alive!

Remember the Bible is not just a made-up story. It is the word of God and it is a true story. Everything happened exactly as the Bible tell us.

Thank you for reading.

Sources: ERV Easy to read Bible, ICB International Children's Bible, The Message Bible, The New King James Bible.

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