Let's help our children develop their artistic qualities !!

3년 전

As parents, we want our children to be creative, and we always seek to motivate them at an early age in activities that can develop talents in them that may not have been awake yet.

In my case with my son from a very young age before he was 6 years old, his concern was always music, wanting to join the State Symphony Orchestra and learn to play the violin instrument, later on they became the years of his career as musician, in his passion. That time, as a student in the Orchestra, it was what prepared him, taught him to love music, and now at this time to write and compose lyrics.


Now he is 18 years old and it seems to me that it was yesterday, those afternoons when he took him to his classes and waited outside talking with the mothers of other young students.

With my 15-year-old daughter it was different, at one time I also wanted her to try to study music, she came in and she learned for a while but then she did not want to, she did not force her because she told me that she liked it, but she did not attract as much attention as her brother, so she gave up in that area, but I realized that she is very good at handicrafts, in the plastic arts, she is very creative with her hands, in that she looks a lot like me.


For this reason, I know that it is very important as parents to help them obtain and develop talents, because sometimes it is very depressing to see that there are children who are so good at doing some work but who do not have anyone around who has helped them to get ahead.

The fact that they can develop an artistic skill will help them to see the world in a different way, children who are new to art at a young age can benefit in different ways, since it helps them and stimulates their intellectual abilities. to have a good communication with their parents, we can realize that painting, drawing and creating is a good way to develop confidence and tranquility through the arts.


We are not parents who only impose disciplines, we are the ones who provide them with the tools that develop their talents.

Happy and blessed night to all the community @steemiteducation.


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