How Not to Comment on Steemit - 7 Things You Should Stop Doing to Avoid Being Flagged!

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It is very sad to see people not realizing what an opportunity they have with Steemit and what they can accomplish with little more effort. I believe in bringing positive change through education and majority of my content is an evidence to that effect. However, it makes me feel sorry to see so much stupidity still surviving despite all the educational efforts by the likes of @jerrybanfield, @teamsteem, @donkeypong, @dragosroua, @inquiringtimes and many more people. You should follow these people if you don't already!  

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When you do stupid things, you invite trouble. Being flagged is the ultimate trouble. If you don't know, a flag is a downvote. Just like an upvote gives you reward and reputation, a downvote takes both of them away from you. Do you want that? I am listing, from my continuous observation and experience on Steemit, the seven things which lead to you being flagged. You should stop doing these things immediately!

Note:- I apologize for use of screenshots containing bad comments. This post is educational work and does not mean to ridicule anyone.

1. Stupid Comments

You can call them bad comments, spam or whatever. But I choose to call them stupid comments because at the end of the day, they accomplish nothing for their authors. In fact, the sight of a stupid comment make me move the cursor to that tiny flag and make it red. Here are some examples of stupid comments.

  • Nice post.
  • I like you post.
  • Good job.
  • Excellent work. 

The problem with this type of comments is that they do not add any value to the discussion. The author of the post cannot really judge if you have read the post or not. I can write nice post on 500 posts per day. But I won't do that because I know I will be flagged for at least 200 times.

This is a stupid comment on my post celebrating 3000 followers.

2. Commenting Without Reading a Post

This is criminal in my opinion. If it's a vlog post, commenting without watching it would be equally criminal. Do not, I repeat, do not comment without reading a post. I almost immediately recognize comments which have been done without reading the post and I happily flag them. Upon further inspection, I find series of violations listed in this post and ultimately report to Steem Cleaners.

One of the easiest ways to find out if a comment has been done without reading the post is to see the time difference between post and that comment. Most of the stupid comments are done right after a post is published. The one I shared in above screenshot was one such comment.

3. Asking for Upvotes

If you have voted for someone, by all means let the person know that you have given your upvote. But never ask them to vote you back. Vote for vote is a stupid idea. You don't really need to ask for votes in the comments. You just need to write a great comment with or without the mention of your upvote. It will be read you will most probably get a vote on that comment.

I'm not sure if she understood that she was flagged.

But when your total concern is to ask for an upvote, you do a stupid comment without reading the post; just like the account shown above. It makes one comment culprit of three violations. Do not do that. You will almost certainly be flagged.

4. Offering Follow for Follow in Comments

I have shared in detail why follow for follow sucks. You need to understand Steemit properly. May be go through the very basic FAQ I created for absolute beginners. If you are just beginning on Steemit, you do not have anything to offer except value through your content. If you ask me or any established Steemian to follow you, what do you think we will gain from following you?

Do not be stupid. Learn and accept the fact that you need to improve a lot before people may start following you. I have 3000 followers but I never asked anyone to follow for follow. Learn the recipe of how to gain a good following which I shared in my celebration post yesterday.

5. Copy Pasting Generic Comments on Multiple Posts

If you think that people with a lot of Steemit experience are stupid enough not to see what you are doing, you are mistaken. On countless occasions, people posting a generic looking comment on multiple popular posts have been caught and flagged.

You should not try to bluff anyone. Copy pasting comments invite flags from Steem Cleaners and Cheetah bot. You may get blacklisted and downvoted on every post and comment forever if you do not learn your lessons.

6. Self Voting Stupid Comments

On my guide on 9 ways to choose a niche, one guy wrote hmmm and it got a big vote. I checked who had voted it and it was another account. Then I checked the comments tab on the voted account and found a similar pattern. Here is what happened.

The rewards were cancelled out with flags and the sponsoring account was reported. I am very much dedicated to keep Steemit clean with my educational efforts (such as this post) but I will not be shy to use my voting power to flag what deserves to be flagged. Self voting stupid comments is inviting trouble. Do not do that!

7. Publishing Irrelevant Comments

Just to be clear, all the cases discussed before result in irrelevant comments as well. If you do not read a post, do not try to understand what it delivers and do not take the time to write a beautiful comment, all you can do is to post irrelevant comments.

If the post is about cryptocurrency, you should not comment about variety of apples. Simply, read the post and write what you think about it. Give feedback. Ask questions about it. If an author finds your comment irrelevant, he or she will ignore it or, even worse, flag it.

Resources to Consult

Here some good resources that you can read on the art and spirit of commenting. You can find my guide to commenting in the list of guides below.


Learn. Educate yourself. You need to deliver some value to receive some. Nobody cares about what you need; an upvote or a follow. What people care about is what you think about their content and what it brings to you. Help them know how good their content is or what improvement it needs and they will happily upvote your comments. Do the stupid things listed in this post and you will be flagged. Here are the seven things you should take away from this post.

  1. Do not do stupid comments!
  2. Do not comment without reading the posts!
  3. Do not ask for upvotes in the comments!
  4. Do not ask for follow!
  5. Do not copy paste comments!
  6. Do not self vote stupid comments!
  7. Do not post irrelevant comments!

Supporting this post with your resteems and upvotes will help the education spread as well as encourage me to keep doing such efforts. You can use this very post to apply the knowledge contained in this post effectively. I am waiting for your beautiful comments!

Divider Image Credits: @kristyglas. More in this post.

As a standard feature of all my posts, I am listing all my previous work to help people find the required information or guidance. As I write more and update the previous work to add more value, the list will keep evolving. Feel free to share with people who need it; especially new members.  

Newbie Guides

Steem Guides

Steemit Tips & Advice

Advanced Understanding of Steemit

Steem Ecosystem Guides (Services Empowering Steemians)

Steem on!

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This is one more step by you to guide new steemians to be on proper way. I am also seeing many new users just posting without sense. They might be mis guided about steemit.

I am sharing this guide to my students and it will literally help them a lot.

Teachers teacher @ilyastarar sir,

I have been an ardent instructor of objective commenting since my early days on Steemit, and have read a good number of informative articles on various aspects of Steemit social capital program but I must admit that in all; "this piece is most exceptional!. You captured A to Z of what people must do if they hope to make any headway on Steemit in this awesome article. And I myself, really learnt a lot here.

I think Everyone must be availed the opportunity of reading this, and future informative articles from you. Hence, I am not gonna only RESTEEM this, I will also FOLLOW you.

Thanks for sharing this awesome piece.

@eurogee of @euronation community & The Host, Show Us Your Witnesses Weekly Contest

Thank you so much ilyastarar for this good shoot.. Being a pakistani i am proud of you as you are doing good here specially for newbies.. Actually i joined steemit after reading your post and guide you posted in our group on facebook.. That time i read your posts and that are really helpful for people like me.. Few days ago i withdrw as an experiment by reading your post and it was quite easy.. Thanx for this support
You are quite right.. Its so annoying when i saw someone saying its nice or awsome after my hard work of 5 or 6 hours.. And also feel bad when they asked for an upvote.. In start i read an article in which some steemian was trying to teach commenting to others in a way of begging at least i feel it like begging.. I neva do it never and without it i am doing good.. And i am doing pretty good here as i am sharing my own original work and thanx to allah almighty that He is removing all hurdels..
But another issue i faced.. Once i downvoted and it was really bad experience.. When i joined i saw haejin post in trending so i start following him but i neva comment him.. Few days ago i saw his post in my feed i read it and it was infrmative i made a comment good comment.. After some time i saw many ppl downvoted all comments on haejin post.. 5 or 6 ppl downvoted my commment and then i come to know that there was some issue with haejin posts..
I removed the comment but it really dishearted me as i never did any wrong thing here.. And being a newbie i was unaware any issue or matter with haejin posts and downvoters..
Thanx god they only downvoted my comment..
But i thought many times that there should be a system where newbies should be informed about such things so they wont be discourage here.. Anyways you again did goid work for bewbies as your post ll teach them that how can they protect themselves from flagging


I appreciate your efforts to be original. I am also happy that my initial guide helped you. I am also happy that you left bad advice and started doing the right things. Also, I need to talk to you. Please reach me on discord, or facebook.

Haejin posts became flag-war zones. I stayed away from the whole mess despite having a strong opinion against some people involved. It's none of our business because of the low SP we have. It's better to communicate with people who are not controversial.

Please keep doing the good work. If you need any help, you can reach me via comments, doscord or facebook. I do not hesitate in helping people who are willing to work hard.


Thank you.. I know your fb id.. I add you there..


I'm doing some similar work. It's nice to see group efforts here. I'm looking for a way to make a wider-spread effort, since I'm no bigger than a sardine at best. I'd like to get something going where we can "employ" people to scout out the spam comments, similar to what steamcleaners does.

Not sure if you're interested, but I'm tossing some ideas around...Here are the two posts I have currently:

Don't be Spam! Lesson on how to earn good reputation


Let me know if these are compatible with what you are trying to do, and maybe we can get together.

This is SOOO perfect. I completely 100% agree--especially with the "stupid comments" part.

As a matter of fact, I even have an ongoing stupidcomments post I do, highlighting some of my favorites. So if you ever find any good ones, SEND THEM MY WAY! You can check it out here if you want to take a look.


I will definitely do that! Marvelous idea!

I was searching on the internet to find helpful tips that can help me grow here in steemit and this post interests me. I admit I have joined some follow for follow and upvote for upvote groups and later made me realize that it doesn't worth my time and effort. I realized that I have wasted my whole day posting links to ask for follow and upvotes. Some stupid comments like what you mentioned above came to my post and It made me feel unworthy. So I decided to focus in learning and engaging with good quality content creator. I dedicate time to learn and within 2 weeks I have seen how much I improve in this platform. I got organic comments and followers and been noticed by whales and got featured on several posts. It inspires to write more good quality content. I totally agree that those things must be avoided, it's an amateur attitude in our community that shouldn't be tolerated. Thank you for sharing this tips, it changes how should I look to myself and gave me confidence. I'm looking forward to more of your educational posts. More power to you

@ilyastarar really enjoying your posts mate. Totally agree with you regarding comments!

I see all the time same thing on other social media platforms, especially Instagram. People just comment "great post" all the time...basically dumb comments that are obviously not even them, but BOTS doing for them, but people think it works and brings value 😑😑

Same with follow for follow. What's the point of in it if these followers are not active. 😲 Ugghhh, these things just really annoying.

Either way, on positive note, keep up with guides and tutorials. Very valuable. 👊
Классно получается 👌

Hi Ilyastarar, a really helpful post. I'm still learning my way round and learning to pick up on comments for comments sake/copy and pastes etc. It's so important to keep steemit clean so thank you for being vigilant (I'm not confident enough to downvote, not until I really know my stuff at least). I get so excited when I see I have replies and it's disheartening when they're just "nice" or "good post".

There were a couple things I wanted to ask you:

I've heard that cheetah bot can detect when you copy and paste a post. I always copy and paste because I write my posts offline and then paste them in. I also sometimes find that I can't get to the HTML Raw editor without clearing the window and repasting it in. So, I guess my question is- Will cheetah detect and downvote anything copied/pasted or just content that exist elsewhere on the internet?

The other question was just about getting your captions in italics. I can't for the life of me work it out, I've tried div-class, figcaption and still had no luck. How do you do it?

Anyway, thanks again!


A great comment indeed. It sucks when the reply is a short comment. I hope mine doesn't suck.

Answer 1. No, the Cheetah bot detects content that is similar to the content that is available on the internet. Copy pasting others' work is a problem (plagiarism). Your own work will not be flagged.

Answer 2. There are three editing options on Steemit. I use visual or markdown editor mostly and html at times.



I hope your problem is solved by the link above.


That's awesome, thank you so much.

I think with the italics I was over complicating things using html.

Keep your education posts coming, they're super helpful!

I appreciate your passion to bring a positive change through education in society.Yes, you are right that many people misuse this opportunity.One time someone flagged on my comment and I learned a lot from that experience.Stupid comments are really discouraging authors who work on a posts day and night.It is really a criminal act to comment without reading a post.It is a bad habit to ask for upvotes.Four point is one of the worst options many users do in my point of view because offering Follow for Follow in comment shows their cheapness.Copy Pasting is also a bad tread on internet.Getting a credit of others work is immoral.Six and Seven point also show non serious behavior of users.Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences with us.These are very helpful for us.I really enjoy to read this post.Thanks again.

Lakin sir jb koi banda steemit pa km start karta ha to usy koi idea ni hota wo kasay km katay aur kamay like me aur wo bohot si mistakes kr jata ha .apki post bohot he informative ha ma kosish karo ga ky ap ki pichli guidelines previous post ki bi paro keep it up


It's an English post and all the people are commenting in English. Please become part of the discussion.


if google translate is right he's saying you have no idea. but it's questionable weather it's worthy of a reply. might be true, not flagging content and actually just telling them to expand their comments and thinking would be better, be better at creative writing or something, or tell them to read a book to expand thinking. a good writing book? always leave a comment on the stupid comment? yes, with some kind of advise.

Dear Santa, please create a cartoon tutorial around this content.


Awesome post and awesome timing @ilyastarar thank you.
Shared to Twitter


good idea...


Thanks, 😳 I can't do it though. Can you?

wow you are super talented, I have a great chance to be on you before making mistakes.

Do not make stupid comments!
Do not comment without reading the messages!
Do not ask for positive votes in the comments!
Do not ask to follow!
Do not copy collage comments!
Do not vote yourself silly comments!
Do not post irrelevant comments!

I am new on steemit and discord.

I work hard on my writing, I progress every day thank you for t'en advice.

Do you have a discord?

I look forward to learning from you

upvote and restem.

Yes, these are all seven valid "dumb things" to do.... and I'd guess I've probably given a flag or two for every one of these, at some point. Even though I try to be really patient with newcomers... I reckon once someone has made a few hundred posts, they really should know better.

Thumbs up!

That's must be some sort of 'flag record' you've created here :D

Though I agree with your comment policy but wouldn't it be too harsh for a newbie who really doesn't understand how Steemit works (honestly it is bit difficult here for the first few weeks)

But hopefully same newbies will read this understand what it means to comment like crazy and what harm it brings to them.

Good post. :)


I am glad that so far this post has not received any stupid comments. I won't be surprised if it gets some upon becoming popular. People commenting badly on this post would be such an irony.

Great post!
Just kidding, I did actually read it. I am a newbie, so I wasn't really aware that you could flag comments, as I get really fed up with people making stupid comments on my blog posts. As I am a newbie, it doesn't really happen very often, but it's good to see that I can flag.
To me, comments are a great way to connect to people, especially since I am new here and I still need to build my network. I can't see the value to write a nonsensical comment, how does that add to the discussion?
Anyhow, as a minnow I really value your posts, so thank you for educating the uneducated :-).

Wow, I didn't manage to read your post earlier. I could have upvoted this and resteemed it for my other friends to read and reward you for this excellent write up. Yes I agree with you about the stupid things some of our fellow newbie Steemians are doing, but I guess they are just bots, lurking and hoping someone will upvote their stupid comments. Thank you for this post @ilyastarar, I'll use this post of yours as a reference for current and future use to educate other Steemians.


Hi @beverlyjoe. Thanks for your feedback and generous words. allows resteeming old content so you still can resteem. I just published a new post and I am sure you will find it helpful. Something you can vote too. ;)

Thank you again :)


Will do. Thank you.

Tell me something - If I said simply - nice post, how would you know if I have read your post or not? I might be refraining from giving a negative comment and simply being nice. In another one of your posts (or should one call these lists?) you talked about reputation score - to what extent is actual reputationbuilt on this platform by meaningfully engaging with others vs. simply posting repetitive lists - commenting on one's own posts, never visiting those who comment on yours? etc. I just wonder about the formual in that sense. Is there a social index that equates to meaningful engagement as opposed to self voting and sticking to ones own post comments. Your input would be appreciated.


If I said simply - nice post, how would you know if I have read your post or not?

Exactly my question. Why would anyone read a post and then leave a comment which doesn't make the act of reading clear. Why comment for the sake of commenting?

My lists have helped people. Some of them have decided to follow me. Many of them have become my good friends.

If I ignore your comment and go to another blogger's post right now, it would be more profitable for me to comment there because I may get more exposure to their audience and may even get voted; something that doesn't happen enough on replies.

I simply choose to read your comment and reply to it. For me, writing this reply is more important than writing a comment on another person's blog.

Still, my comments tab is not empty of comments on other people's posts. I have followed people from comments on my blogs and visited their blogs. Ask @jongolson may be. I flagged @julistar for a bad comment on a post and helped her learn about Steemit. She's grateful. I gave her some encouraging votes lately.

Thank you for your feedback. It is helpful.

Excellent post @ilyastarar! I actually just posted something similar to help beginners learn how to leave better quality comments. I feel it is a huge slap in the face to leave a self-serving comment or one of just 2-3 words. Give the author more respect and actually comment on what they shared!!

I had no idea you could flag comments. It's good to know! I'm super new as well, and I knew when I got those types of comments on my blog, I was really annoyed by it, but, didn't really put my finger on why. I'm not a fan of spammers. :). Keep up the great work in helping us newbies! I know myself, I really do appreciate it!!!

thank you very much for getting these guides translated and sharing all of them here along with posting this in the resteems request channel on my discord! I will resteem this and send an upvote with @budgets to add funding/visibility to the project!

Even though I was a victim of some of those things you mentioned but am grateful I was cancelled and corrected by someone I never attempt such unholy Steemit rules again.even when I see people doing that like a vote for Vote I try to cancel them

  ·  2년 전

I'm relatively new here but I noticed these bot posts I guess it comes with how the system is configured rewarding these people somehow. It's too damn bad cause i like what this thing might accomplish. Might fix these issues in later version of social media on EOS perhaps? Even if I provide quality content, the ecosystem is plagued by these bots so the good comments get drowned by the noise. Is there an algorithm to filter this or we have to weed through the shit by flagging these accounts? Then we'd have like a flagging war or something. I guess it's just not a perfect platform.

Nice Post!
hahaha... sorry couldn't resist :p

But seriously now though... This is a "Nice Post", newbies (myself included in the beginning) would be tempted to junk comment... purely for the hope of an upvote.

On the topic of self-upvoting: What's your take on self-upvoting non-junk comments?


For visibility, good comments may be upvoted just enough to get them seen. Upvoting all comments is a bit too much to justify in my opinion.

I am pretty new to the Platform but I do agree with your points made in this post. There is nothing more annoying than someone asking you to follow them just because they followed you, that is negitive growth for sure. I am a firm believer that the more we invest into somthing the more we will get out of it in the long run. Take the time to actually read the content and comment the way you would wish others to do so with your post or content.

That's a lot of guides for us to not do stupid stuff in this community. Indeed, we do see a lot of newbies trying to get attention, but some in a wrong way. I myself was once doing in quantity but still keeping up with the quality by reading through then only comment. However, it did not work out quite well. It is really a long term effort to build up the audience and trust.

Steem on!

Thank you for sharing this @ilyastarar. I'm new to this and I'm guilty that I did some of the stupid things you have mentioned hahah. I did not know that flagging has a big impact on your vote. I think it's time to recheck the FAQs so that I can be more aware of. This is really a good read Sir especially for new steemians like me. :D


In the listed guides, you will find An Absolute Beginner's Steemit FAQ. It will help you a lot.

This needs to be said. I hate that I spend 20+ mins typing out a nice post and someone in comments asking me to follow them or upvote them or check them out. Just like on YouTube I hate when people comment "nice video" and its clear they didn't watch it.

:') I am afraid of Your this post.
Please don't take screenshot of my comments .I was also doing this type of stupidness but I learn from you these are bad for us.
Your all guides are very helpful .
Thanks for such an amazing and very informative post about comments.

Just came across this article and wanted to say very nicely done. I'm fairly new to Steemit and hence educational blogs like this that help newbies like me is a must!
I'm trying my best to learn from the experiences of people such as yourself and certainly articles like this help people like me get a boosted start.
My first few days on Steemit were met by people commenting the "follow for follow" and "like for like" that you mentioned. But that's the sort of mentality I hated on Facebook and why I believe Steemit is much better.

I also see that you're from Peshawar and it warms my heart to see other Pakistanis on the platform. I'm still a little confused about how we can cash out all of our crypto earnings in our country but I guess a little more research would do the trick! I'll take a look at the articles you have already posted on the matter.
Keep writing! Keep making an impact! God bless. :)


You may find one withdrawal guide in the list of guides I shared at the of this post. It needs some updation though. As you are from Pakistan, the best thing to do is to visit @steempkrex (service initiated by me).


Great initiative man! I was blown away by @steempkrex, what a wonderful initiative. I've followed and hope to use the service whenever I want to cash out. For now I'd like to use the steem I earn and push it up to steem power. Hoping for the best! :)

I know some people will take this seriously but my main concern was some steemit user may think it was like what you have mention about the other social media and they get used to it like in term of giving a not relevant comments or they just like it but not so in it because they know it was their friend post or someone who may seem like just accept any comments without considering the important value of it...any way its hard to see thing change to what we want it to be...but to expose more knowledge with good educational points I think it can be slowly guide other steemit user to be in the right path for their own benefits...Its not so easy to influence people to get people to notice what we post and everything depend on certain trending and following anyone that suit with their interest...Thanks @ilyastarar for a good input to add more articles in my reading library.

i think flagging these people is the wrong approach you should leave a comment and say please expand your thinking comment with creativity, i don't want to flag your post, but you will get better results this way thanks for the comment. i don't agree with the flagging of posts but giving the knowledge directly to people who need help. i mean flagging is just as stupid as the comment, they don't learn anything from the flagging, it's like youtube removing videos, the content creators never get a reason and are left in the dark, and being in the dark helps nobody.


Just flagging and not doing anything to educate people is wrong. But look at this post. Then look at the comments I flagged. Don't they have the responsibility to learn and read before doing anything? I am all in for education and I have educated a lot of people in replies to their bad comments.

Also, I flag to keep my comments feed clean. I upvote good comments and flag the bad ones (not too heavily) to arrange my comments feed. You can see that on every post of mine.

Hey, ilyastarar its CryptoMario and I am a newcomer to Steemit, I was reading some post when I stumble upon your's which I really appreciate because of all of what you're saying. It was a big reminder to me it is good to know what's a bad comment at all time.peace & love.

Needed some guidence on steemit this post will help alot i will save this post and would like to resteem it i have been making alot of those mistakes u mention above specially asking for upvote or upvoting my own B.S comments but again its a learning curve new to the steemit project learning little by little.

Thanks for another amazing tutorial.

I am a newbie and wrote a blog concerning this matter but not as eloquently or formatted as yours. Nevertheless it does annoy me when people ask you to follow as they have followed you and idiotic comments such as nice post also annoys me. However there is a flip side to this. Many longer term users, higher up the chain, also do not give reciprocally either. Some newbies do write brilliant and relevant comments and are not recognised by the big wigs for it. I am 100% behind what you are saying but it is a two way street methinks. Peace and love. We should all be helping one another.


I get your concern and it is a valid one. If a person is not appreciating good comments, there may be two possible reasons.

  1. He has too many comments to deal with and can't possibly handle each one of them. Or he is too busy in something offline. Life has all the stuff ready for people at times.

  2. He is complacent or arrogant enough not to care about his followers or their comments.

If the case is # 2, I would happily unfollow such people and advise others to do the same as well. Following should go where it is deserved and appreciated.


I agree. I do understand that some are flooded with comments and do respect the fact that there is a lot more in life. However point 2 in your reply to me I have found, unfortunately, is all too commonplace. You have always replied to my comments and upvoted them and I thank you for that.

@flauwy addressed this the other day and pretty much tore his comment section a new ass for all of these reasons. He traped them by posting a video that was like 15 minutes and flaged and tore them appart if they posted some BS reply before then. I got props on being the first real reply though so that felt good. It was very entertaining. I even resteemed it for entertainment value. I hope my reply wasn't to generic, please don't flag me.


Very interesting! Glad you made a legit comment there and got rewarded for it. That is exactly why I wrote this post!

Now I got my point what happened to us when someone tries these things and in return got Flag. Although I have never copy and just but this post I'm gonna sure kept in my mind don't try to do so either I'm gonna flagged or its annoying to someone. I read your rules and it actually happens sometimes in my post people comes and start commenting follow us, Upvote please, very nice bhala bhala bhala. These type of person have just concern that if we comment like that maybe it will give us an upvote. Sir in the same way as you mention it takes serious time to wrote a post like that with such concentration. I also make the tutorial but people come only just for upvote not for skills not for information nothing else they just concern with upvote only. At least its good initiative to for new one to follow those guys they spend there huge time in such work.
One thing that I just gonna say "There is no shortcut to success"


Very well explained! There is no shortcut to success, indeed. Thank you very much for the comment!

One of the reasons I like steemit is that it is both challenging the commenter and the poster to be creative at the same time.

I once saw a beautiful photography, I was about to type in "nice shot" when i saw i was entering the spamming territory, I had to take a look again at the photography and write about the colors, highlights and things I loved about it.

Nice tips you've got there, it will go along way in maintaining steemit quality.

Seems to me like a learning process people have to go through. On many social media platforms this strategy of just posting "great job" on a couple hundred posts or just follow thousands of profiles to get noticed, worked. They got lazy and now have to learn that they only get rewarded on steem if they put effort in their activities. Flagging is a way of training them and the whole community so eventually the spam content gets fewer over all.

  ·  2년 전

I don't really flag too often, but these comments specifically asking follow4follow type questions really get on my nerves.

Usually I'll just ignore them, but maybe I'll point them towards this post in the future, so they can learn.


i'm of the impression you should ignore them, that's the logic i have, you get these kind of comments on youtube all the time and that's not even for money, it's some kind of psychological problem people have, it's all human nature and psychological . i've not got a clue if flagging them will make much difference, might just frustrate them, causing them to be a danger to humanity in another way, because they may not understand why it's happening and someone who does not understand anything, may end up being a danger to the people around them, by harming their mental capacity due to being in poverty. you could be flagging a high level risk, therefore maybe they should consider if the man is mentally stable enough to be flagged.

Reading your post I was really curious how many comments I can find below. Only the bravest ones? :-)
I can take the majority of your recent post as an advice and generally I agree with you. But I would like to remind you the other side of the coin. There's no clear guideline for newbies. Yeah, it's true, that you should learn as much as you can on the new world you're joining before you act. But to be honest, Steemit is the 'Promised land' for many people, and they will not read all the advice of experienced users. Can we really expect them to do this? I've been here for a month, I've been watching the ecosystem, I've been learning quietly. I don't think that everybody is so patient. Especially if we are speaking about money. Real money. People can lose their minds and they are trying the methods which are successful in other ecosystems. Should we really blame them?
My method is the ignorance. It's annoying if somebody is begging for an upvote or for following him/her. Ignore him/her! Maybe later on, he/she will have the experience and will stop writing stupid comments. You can notice them as you did in some of your examples. I've never flagged anybody although it was hard to resist the temptation. But as a rookie, sometimes a stupid comment is better than nothing.
Flagging is a punishment. We should preserve it for people who deserve it, by misusing the system. Spamming, fishing, cheating etc. Stupid comments should be ignored. That's the best way to teach them.


I undertstand the sentiment. I also see why people do this. I use tiny flags as a way to clean my comment feed and make sure that the stupid ones stay at the bottom. Bigger flags are given where deserves. Scammy behavior or actions are where my flags are directed.

I won't buy being new as an excuse though. I have seen people intentionally making stupid shortcuts and making no effort whatsoever to learn about Steemit. Such people should either correct themselevs or get what they deserve.

I think that getting flagged can be a good indicator of how well you are performing. It never feels good though!

Yeah, this is true. I keep seeing other people doing such comments and sometimes it annoys me.

Thanks for the links. Ah so much to learn!

that's a pretty informative article .I have also seen people doing stupid comment but i think most of them are newbies that's why they do stupid comment.and you have highlighted the major issue due to which newbies got flagged .

thank you sir this is true some people commenting without reading or copy paste others comment but some people are less talkative when they like the post want to say anything in their mind but cannot say it properly so just said i like your post or good post i think in the beginning we are trying to understand things and less communicate ,reading posts and searching improves knowledge and comments too.

  ·  2년 전

I always wonder why they keep repeating the same mistakes and never learn..
Is it the lack of Knowledge or just sheer stubbornness...???
And by the way beautiful just stole my words....

Yes you all right many of newcomer do like that, make a spam in out comment even there comment without vote it seem like slap in our face. Thank for sharing the great information.

You are right.i am also newbie and i didn't knew about this flag thing before and i was downvoted 1 or 2 RP decreased and then i realized what's the matter.your article is informative specially for newbies☺

I don't know what it is that attracts me to posts that say, "Do not." I really want to do it more then. It is just a big temptation for me. I want to fill this comment with pleas for you to do something for me while I myself have not read the content of your post or watched your video. Actually I don't want to be flagged so I am not making a stupid comment. Some of these people seem like they don't know that they are even being flagged. In that case it would be nice to say something like, "I flagged you for your comment because..." I don't know who this was but maybe her rep is 27 because she is starting out and doesn't know what she is doing. Flagging wouldn't help in the case of new users if she just started on Steemit she wouldn't even realize she was flagged.

I'm just saying that when we flag we should also educate the user as to why we flagged them.



Thanks for reminded me of this case. I flagged just 1 % to bring the comment below others. I do need to let her know about a few things. I will share this guide and also the absolute beginners' Steemit FAQ to help her know basics.


This turned out to be really great. I'll remove the flag, or may be just give a sweet vote on her reply.


So true. But I have a question...How do you feel about upvoting comments in general. I know you mentioned that upvoting your own stuff when you say 'hmmmm' or 'great post' is a no-no....But what about a thoughtful comment to gain visibility?

I've heard the argument for and against, and I'm curious what you think.

I've never done it myself, but was wondering what more experienced Steemians thought of that practice?


I'll share what I wrote in reply to @braaiboy comment on the same matter.

For visibility, good comments may be upvoted just enough to get them seen. Upvoting all comments is a bit too much to justify in my opinion.

That's my opinion. Some people are strictly against such a thing and some are supportive of voting every comment if they wish to.


Yeah I guess it's a case by case basis and some Steemians are ok with it. I completely understand the need to do it if you are trying to make a point and add some value to the convo....But completely understand the annoyance of upvoting things like 'Great post' lol

As a newbie it was informative. I did several things stupid according to your post. I will try not to do so. Thank you.

yes these stupid comments need to stop otherwise we end like facebook :(

Ilyas another question i want to ask...
Hope you ll not mind..
You are here from pretty good time.. You know all system of steemit well..
I read and heard few fatawa about cryptocurrency blockchain that its prohibited and haraam.. I am worried since few days that blockchain is steemit backbone.. Is it halal to write here and earn from here..? Can you please tell me about it..


Do you work hard to earn what you earn? If yes, should the earning be prohibited?

Do these people understand blockchain technology? I personally do not claim to understand even the basics of blockchain technology.

I am thankful for being here and being rewarded for making honest efforts. I have never thought of earning even a penny of haram money. Many cryptocurrencies may be haram due to certain reasons (betting and liquor based may be) but Steemit is not a platform based on anything illeglal or prohobited in my opinion.


Ok thanx for this detailed answer

I will study it as much as possible, hopefully I can be successful as you all 2018 are ready to become more profitable!
I'm sure 2018 will be a lucky day for me ,,, with the help of all of you.

Ehhm , aahhh ...may be , nooo , sigh ;)
Thank you and good luck.


you write better comments in the future! time consuming to tell these people, but he should tell you and not flag.


He's on my watch. Regularly selfvotes shit comments. See his comments tab. He will get something.


It was ironic , just to have fun sometimes is nice and healthy , not intended to offend anyone.
Good luck guys on Steemit


When you copy/paste or repeatedly type the same comments you could be mistaken for a bot.

Tips to avoid being flagged

Thank You! ⚜


The fun part is exactly why I didn't flag. Also, you didn't vote your comment big time. Happy steeming! Cheers!


Hei ilyastarar ,
How is it going.
Just to ask your help.
Since you downvoted me i had other 2 stimuans do the same
( sneak , blacklista-a ) and since then my reputation is still at 3 , went a bit up and then at 3 again .
Any suggestion ?
Thank you ciao


I flagged one of your comments on another post, not this one.

Regularly selfvotes shit comments. See his comments tab. He will get something.

I was anticipating that your commenting behavior will get you something, and so it did.

I would suggest that you either work hard to get your reputation back on this account (blacklist is serious though) or, preferrably, make another account and build it from zero. You can shift your stake to that account gradually or delegate to it.

Making same mistakes will bring same results.


It was ironic , just to have fun sometimes is nice and healthy , not intended to offend anyone.
Good luck guys on Steemit

Well thanks for this post, I thought the [-] near the flag was the downvote and the flag was to flag spams, abusive comments etc... but it just to collapse a comment lol. In this case I will be starting to flag those silly comments too. Thanks for helping keep the system clean!

Your post’s quite useful. Can I translate it into Chinese and let more Chinese-speaking readers know the rules of comments? I’ll add your original post’s url, and list your name on the translation work to show you are the original writer.
Looking forward to your reply.
Have a nice day^^

For me personally I don't give a fuck about irrelevant or whatever stupid comments as long as it doesn't get a significant amount of upvotes.

It will naturally go away anyway without any intervention because these people will eventually realize the trick did not work.

What's big deal however are those gaming the system to benefit their own selfish agenda like publishing a chart and other forms of shit posts and then self upvoted or upvoted by another account(s) with terrifying voting power.

The tending tab is getting so boring to see every fucking single day. Full of trash posted by similar big players circle jerking at each other. Yawn!

It's so painful for the eyes to see and it's crushing the soul of every minnow who find themselves so powerless in this arena of decentralized shitshow.

Doesn't upvoting someone else work the same as flagging? In that teh pool is fixed so by upvoting someone else you shift the percentage payouts?

I think the real problem on this site is that only a few people vote, most don't bother because they think their votes don't count (though they do in aggregate).

Simplify all this down in one line, be creative and original equals prosperity. good luck. however you should consider maybe not flagging these people, as poverty can make them mentally unstable, and if they cannot leave a creative comment, then they might have a few problems.

Nice Post! 😂 please don't flag me lol. I'm really new in steemit like" fresh from the farm "😝 I really don't understand the type of people that you mentioned. why they ask for people to vote or to follow them when they have nothing in their profile. I will be ashamed to do that.its something very shocking to me in this world. I'm here to learn and I believe in the project. I will work hard like you to earn organic votes organic followers 😉 Thank you for inspiration.

I don't spend 5 hours writing most of my posts, but they can still be 1+hours, so when you mentioned that one, it struck a chord. It's frustrating to see people posting the first second the article is up just so they can get the first comment and be at the top of the trending list for 3 seconds.

If you ever want to use the #newbieresteemday tag, your how-to guides would be useful there. I'm not in charge of it, but I try to help steer people in the right direction. I promise I'm not trying to be spammy by saying that. Just want newbies to see that established members of Steemit are serious about how to behave on the platform. :)

If the post is about cryptocurrency, you should not comment about variety of apples.

This is going to be awkward when I release my orchard crypto. Selling apples on the blockchain. Ha ha!

@ilyastarar, thanks for another great write up man! I wish when I first started steemit I would have found you earlier. I will resteem to show awareness and hopefully someone who is new can come across this in there journey to success on Steemit.

I did go thru alot of your previous post to see if I can find the answer to my question, but how do you feel about bots, and what is this new nonsense I am hearing about people upvoting on the 6th day, etc...

Hopefully you can elaborate a little on that, as I see a lot of trending things in the steemit tag that is saying raping the reward pool and mentioning 6th day for upvotes etc.

As always, Thanks again for the time and effort you put into your post in order to make Steemit better!

Hola, soy nueva en steemit, y aun no he publicado nada, me encontré con su articulo y veo que hay mucho por aprender sobre este mundo, muchas gracias por esos 7 consejos espero no caer en ello. Me encantaría leer sus recomendaciones para los principiantes como yo, espero poder ir avanzando con su ayuda.

your post is very critical, I am still new in steemit, at first I was only interested in money, then I understand how I should be here right, and I realize that here really need the attention of the crowd to be liked, keep the attitude will be better here , the message you convey on your post makes me understand better how it all works, it all needs hard work, appreciates the hard work of others by being a good reader and a true critic, many people just looking for face, but do not know what post about

We need more posts like this to make Steemit a conducive environment! Comment smart, or don't comment at all!

i've had a idea reading this, Steemit could create a bot, when people write simple comments and troll them with a link to a English dictionary, here buy this on, the English dictionary expand your thinking, some kind of web-bot, that does this when people leave a terrible comment.

This is very helpful and informative. When you are just starting out on steemit its hard to know if you are going about things in the right way, so thankyou very much.

Hmmmm! Interesting post! Nooooooo wait , that was the wrong thing to say? Personally i'm happy if anyone just says Hi on my posts, as i get so few visitors anyway. Sometimes its hard to stay motivated when all your posts get is 1 or 2 cents. Many users are foreign and dont understand a word of what you are saying ~ So they just say "Nice Post" maybe that's their way of being friendly and desperately trying to get some kind of meagre attention. I have not UpVoted you as my 1cent would probably be insulting anyway. It must be great to write the perfect post, maybe I will be worthy of an UpVote one day!

Thanks for putting this list together, I'm a newbie myself and I was relieved to see I've not been misbehaving, so I found the article encouraging. Plus follow for follow will not build a feed you're interested in or a real audience to your content, what for then? Regarding the last point, for me cryptocurrency is like talking about the variety of apples, I still don't know much so I do not comment still in those posts. As I'm new doing lots of reading.

Does anyone know a quick way to save certain posts? I have kinda been making a lot of comments really just so I can reference good info for in the future. I avoid making stupid comments like “good post”, and I do try to give an actual opinion, comment, or constructive criticism. But sometimes I would like to just save the post without gumming up all my web bookmarks.

thank you very much for your post, a bit has helped us beginners to know things that do not need to be done in steemit

Thank you very much @ilyastarar know, this post is very timely., When I was envited to steemit by a friend iam so happy about the platform itself, not knowing dos and donts. i gone with an awkward situation from a group. first i was told to give my password to be enrolled in a free upvote everyday even when we are sleeping. seccond, to vote my own post, I even ask is it not too shameful?1 post per day only and comment is a must even if we dont post our own. I can see most of them commenting just like your stupid comment..asking for follow for follow upvote for upvote..mostly stupid act that benefits each other..Until I was questioned about what they said a disrespecful act of my envites. Since most of them do some research and share it to the group which they dont like...until i ask permission to leave.
Now I am learning many things, such good lessons like these..i still have many tabs open in my window about your post. Need to read it and learn from you...thanks for educating newbies like me.

Each of them has their own path to go to awaken to what is really happening in the world - but what we can do is encourage them to be who they truly are and not some copy-past-fast-earning-internet-scheme. We're a community and we must help newcomers to understand themselves and not chase the money but let the money chase them with how awesome they really are.

Sorry if you lost me on there. I'm just saying - thanks for helping others! We must all help each other through helping ourselves!

Honestly, I've been on Steemit for a little while and I'm still not posting, focusing on comments and reading and learning.

First of all, I have to say thank you for taking the time to write and post this little guide, which is always something that the community needs. You have no idea how many of these posts I've read on my first days, they are extremely useful.

Sadly, it's not the first time that I see a post that tackles this particular issue, and yet I keep seeing a bunch of accounts posting comments in this manner. I don't really understand their reasons, to be perfectly honest...does it work? Is someone really upvoting them? Or re-following?

I won't lie to you, from my point of view this is one of the biggest issues with this platform, because I don't always feel encouraged to spend time and write a meaningful, engaging comment, only to see it buried in a sea of "nice posts". Usually I will still post a comment because I'm genuinely interested in the topic and its author, or I'll read what they write and have a laugh, but I can see how this can be a little disorienting, especially to new users: when you see accounts with 50, 55 reputation posting random stuff under posts, sometimes not even bothering to write the correct name of the author, how are you encouraged to try your best to thrive on the platform and get to know more people? Will they really notice your contribution? I think more posters, especially the influential ones, should downvote and punish this kind of behavior.

I would have never guessed not to ask someone to follow you. Thank you for this information. I t may have saved me a lot of grief Thanks.

Thank you. I am new and will be unfollowing a couple of people who got me into the vote-for-vote or follow-for-follow gig after reading this. I thought it was the Steemit way. Definitely prefer your vision of what this community should be.

I agree with you up to 90% @ilyastarar.
Sometimes people just want to say hello, and if they don't read/assimilate your posts, it might not be their fault, one can post a small scientific report 2000 words (without line-breaks or pictures), it is hard to understand and comment on in a nice and "unspammy fashion"...

It is a pity I'm seeing his post after three days of it's posting. I must say it made me laugh as serious as it sounds. The examples cited are so funny. It is truly annoying to see someone drop a comment seconds after you just posted a 5minutes post and then sound like they read it. Most times when I see post on say crypto currency,because I don't understand it I don't bother commenting except I want to ask questions. People should learn this tips and put them into practice. Copypaste is new to me though.i never knew people stoop that low. Thanks for his insightful post. I'm grateful.

Thank you sir for this post..informative and ive learn a lot , for do's and dont's as a steemer, im new one sir at this steemit world and i have no ideas about this kind of matter. So im very thankful and grateful for your post..and i will read those articles or post that you recomended for more learnings and how to be effective steemians!again thank you so much @ilyastarar! Keep it up sir! I salute you!

I was doing the same in early stages of my steemit encounter,
Then @itwithsm teaches, this is not the way to work here.
you articles are full of knowledge and it can help minnow if they read them clearly.

keep doing the great work to support new steemians.

This is very educative and people especially newbies has to learn maybe the hard way.

However, I think most of them are not well trained before they come onboard, this is why there is need for trainings before starting up. I have a WhatsApp group where I invite well experienced members to train everyone that has intention to join then after that they join the next group.

Looking very close to the images I shared, in the training group we are 55 participants and the people who understood Steemit joined the next group. We are not after the crowd, we carefully select because Steemit is not for everybody.Screenshot_2018-02-21-13-34-12.png

If every member follow this pattern I am sure stuff like this will reduce.Screenshot_2018-02-21-13-34-35.png

I seek daily for what will make my steemit experience less frustrating and anjoyable being a newbie and this donts in commenting, is a big lesson i have just learnt thank you sir

So I just got into steemit, wrote my first post which was a welcome post anyway. Then I decided to sit and digest some good and educative contents on how to use steemit and be successful with it and then I bumped into @steemladder who wrote a very good piece on A thumb rule for steemit minnows and in the end he mentions one of your post about Bandwidth Limitations which I am yet to see. I was searching for that and I stumbled upon this great post. As a newbie or should I say Minnow, this content has given me a new perspective about Steemit.
One important thing I know is that quality content is a key to successful blogging, because in the end, it will give you all you desire in your blogging journey, such as followers, comments, votes likes etc. Thanks a lot for this. However, I will appreciate if you can point me to the post you mentioned Bandwidth Limitations.

Ahh yes the 7 commandments. They are really quite simple, and you articulated them perfectly. Well done...I have provided you with an Upvote for your hard work. Thanks for you post!

Your posts are very educational especially to newbies. May I ask permission to use them in teaching my invites in steemit? Can I use them as references when I start our Steemit Academy?
With regards to your post today, those 7 things to avoid doing are really a wake up call to anyone still doing them and not learning... But what about comments that are Memes and Gifs, are they also considered as Spams?


Thank you for your feedback. Sure. I will be glad if you use my content to educate people. I will rather be grateful.

As far as your question is concerned, let me share something appropriate with you. The Art of Commenting is a guide on comments by Steem Cleaners. Types of spam are also mentioned.

Wow! Thanks @ilyastarar for the very informative posts. I am actually a newbie here in steemit and ive almost read all your previous post! I am looking forward to read more of your posts and thank you for helping the newbies like me cope up with steemit. :) Appreciate much!

Thank you for this post, but i begin to feel the red flag decisions might not really be helpful to newbies, for instance me, i started posting few days ago, lets say 6-7days ago, i have not come across a writeup like this then and i actually commented this so called stupid post on some posts i liked, does that mean i could get a red flag if it were you? I just suggest that it is better to tell such person to improve on the way he or she comment as it might attract penalty. He or she might just be as ignorant as i was then. Not defending them though but you will agree with me that it is possible they are ignorant. Thanks for the information. It will help me to improve more on this platform.

  ·  2년 전

i support this (Comment to get upvote).
But only if someone read whole article with full interest to do good comment for the sake of upvote.

Hi, I hope I'm not to late for asking a question. Your 6th pointer is do not self vote stupid comments. One of the first things I notice is a few comments with self votes.

That makes me wonder if I should take your advice literally? With that I mean, do you think you can self vote quality comments? And/or did you on purpose not give those comments your upvote?

You got a 12.65% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @ilyastarar!

Want to promote your posts too? Check out the Steem Bot Tracker website for more info. If you would like to support the development of @postpromoter and the bot tracker please vote for @yabapmatt for witness!

very good post friend


If you read the post, you will not do such comments again.


Hirarious🤣🤣🤣 exactly what you said. Omg I like to watch this. sorry I'm laughing really easy. this is entertainment for me.