Update on Translation Contest : Steemians Translated 37 Educational Guides in 15 Languages, Getting $300 Worth of SBD as Rewards!

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First of all, I am extremely sorry for the delay in updating you all on the translation contest. It received an amazing response from the community and great support from the notable figures of Steemit. The motto of the contest was:-

 Let's break the language barriers. 

The purpose was to make Steemit education available in all major languages. I must admit that it was difficult for me to handle the overwhelming response from the community. The comment count on the post shows the 261 right now, which indicates huge interest in the activity. 

Image designed via Canva.com and background image is free to use from the inbuilt gallery.

Translated Guides and Rewards for Translators

Moving straight to the results, let's see how many guides were created as a result of the contest and in which languages. As I list the translated guides, I will also add the author's name and SBD reward in brackets. If you have participated but not listed below, contact me in the comments with the link so that I can add your guide in this post and give you some reward for it.

I am listing all the translations language-wise to make them accessible to any one who is looking for a guide in a particular language. You are welcome to include the links to these translations in your posts to help your communities. 

In total, 37 guides were created in 15 different languages. Some people are working on creating more as well.

Bahasa / Indonesian Guides

  1. Memahami Steemit: Mempelajari Tentang Steem Ekonomi & Sistim Keuangan Blockchain Steem! (Bagian-1) (By @happyphoenix - 1.5 SBD)
  2. Memahami Steemit: Mempelajari Tentang Steem Ekonomi & Sistim Keuangan Blockchain Steem! (Bagian-2) (By @happyphoenix - 0.5 SBD)
  3. Memahami MinnowBooster - Bagaimana Cara Menggunakan MinnowBooster - 7 Layanan MinnowBooster yang Harus Anda Ketahui (By @faisalazmi - 2 SBD)
  4. Cara Menggunakan GINAbot dan Dapatkan Pemberitahuan Steemit Gratis (By @azwarrangkuti - 1.5 SBD)
  5. Translation : 7 Tip Steemit untuk Steemian dari (By @ilyasismail - 1.5 SBD)
  6. 4 Hal Yang Harus Segera Kamu Hentikan di Steemit! (By @iqbaladan - 1.5 SBD)

Spanish Guides

  1. 9 cosas que puede hacer con sus ganancias de Steemit (By @kerry234 - 2 SBD)
  2. Puntos de reputación 101: ¿Que es el Puntaje de Reputación en Steemit, ¿Cómo se calcula y por qué deberíamos preocuparnos? (By @ceparl - 2 SBD)
  3. 4 cosas que debes dejar de hacer en Steemit de forma inmediata. (By @zenkly - 1.5 SBD)
  4. 15 Consejos Practicos de Steemit Que Aseguraran Tu Exito [Guia en Espanol] (By @richhz06 - 2 SBD)
  5. 7 Tips de Steemit para Steemianos Basado en Lecciones Aprendidas por Mi 👍 (By @richhz06 - 1.5 SBD)
  6. 4 cosas que deberías de dejar de hacer inmediatamente en Steemit. (By @gkawas - 1.5 SBD)

Polish Guides

  1. Szybki kurs steemitowej reputacji – czyli czym jest reputacja na Steemicie, w jaki sposób się ją oblicza i czemu w ogóle powinna nas ona obchodzić (First Ever Translation by @mazelin - 1 SBD as gratitude)
  2. FAQ dla zupełnie początkujących użytkowników Steemit. (By @mattuk - 2 SBD)
  3. Jak dodać zdjęcie profilowe i zdjęcie w tle na steemit? - Poradnik dla początkujących. (By @mattuk - 1 SBD)
  4. Jak korzystać z GINAbot i otrzymywać bezpłatne powiadomienia Steemit za darmo! (By @mattuk - 1.5 SBD)

Hebrew Guides

  1. 15 טיפים מעשיים לסטימיט שיבטיחו את ההצלחה שלכם (By @yairdd - 2 SBD)
  2. שלושה שיעורים חשובים לחיים ואיך אתם יכולים ליישם אותם עבור ההצלחה שלכם בסטימיט (By @yairdd - 1.5 SBD)
  3. 9 צעדים ליצירת פוסטים מוצלחים ושיוצרים מעורבויות (By @yairdd - 1.5 SBD)
  4. 4 דברים שאתה צריך להפסיק מיד! (By @atukh09 - 1.5 SBD)

German Guides

  1. GINAbot installieren und einrichten - Kostenlose Benachrichtigungen für alle Aktionen auf Steemit.com (By @louis88 - 1.5 SBD)
  2. Minnowbooster verstehen: Wie man den Minnowbooster nutzt – 7 Minnowbooster Services, die du kennen solltest! (By @infinityroad - 2 SBD)
  3. Steemit Anfänger FAQ: Begrüßung & Vertrautmachen neuer Benutzer - Steemit Newbies Guide (By @davsner - 2 SBD)

Urdu Guides

  1.  سٹیمیت پر کیسے پروفائل پکچر بدلے ۔سٹیمیت پروفائل پکچر بدلنے کا طریقہ (By @naseerbhat - 1.5 SBD)
  2. نئے آنے والوں کیلئے مکمل رہنمائی کی گائیڈ اردو زبان میں (By @mindhunter07 - 2 SBD)

Turkish Guides

  1. Steemit'te Yeterince Ödül Kazanıyor & Diğerleriyle Etkileşimde Bulunuyor Musunuz? (By @nesibe.yildiz - 1 SBD)
  2. Yeniler ve "Minnow" lar İçin Steemit'ten Kazanç Rehberi Serisi - Part # 1 - Yorum Yapın, Yorum Yapın ve Yorum Yapın!!! (By @gokhan83kurt - 2 SBD)

Dutch Guides

  1. Hoe je profielfoto te wijzigen - Steemit profielfoto meest recente uitleg 2018 (By @folkert - 1.5 SBD)
  2. Newbies zelfstudie - De 3 opties voor maken / bewerken op Steemit die u moet kennen (By @folkert - 1.5 SBD)

Croatian Guides

Arabic Guides

Hausa Guides

Russian Guides

Pidgin / Nigerian Guides

Cebuano Guides

Hindi Guides

Thank You for Participating!

I thank you all for participation. If any guide has been missed, you can let me know in the comments. I am sending your SBD rewards according to the effort involved and regardless of what you earned on the translation post. Some people earned more than $50, even more than $10o on their posts. If you feel that your efforts have already been rewarded through upvotes, you can send your rewards to @YouAreHope organization to help feed poor people.

It was an incredible experience for me to arrange anything of this magnitude! The rewards are courtesy of @transisto, @blocktrades (witness) and @reggaemuffin (witness) who voted the post generously to support the contest. I could not have done this alone. Thanks to these amazing people!

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Everyone who participated so far has been sent SBD reward as per detail in the post. If you participated but your guide is not included/rewarded, pardon me. Just let me know in the comments.

Thank you again for participating!


Gimana caranya pak


Hi @ilyastarar...... i have participated your contest, but my article not included in the category of Indonesian Guides. This is link my post


Thanks for letting me know. I will include the guide in the post.


I am sending you 1.5 SBD as a reward for your efforts. Luckily, I had upvoted your translation in time. Sorry for not including it.

good stuff, i can help with the Spanish if you still need a hand.

Thats amazing man

@ilyastarar thank you very much for getting these guides translated and sharing all of them here along with posting this in the resteems request channel on my discord! I will resteem this and send an upvote with @budgets to add funding/visibility to the project!


This post was succinctly put and I am happy it made the list of posts selected for resteem. Thank you.

Bringing the world at large to a single circle. This actually promotes unity and one nation. Thanks @jerrybanfield for bringing to our awareness.

I thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to take your content to our language. I was a little sorry for the criticism that someone else made to my post behind my back. I did not use the google translator at all. It is true that I sometimes used both the informal and the formal way of "you". But that is my natural way of expressing myself, I do not have any training in language, my training is in physics, obviously I can not compete with a professional translator. But I write for an audience that expresses itself in the same way and I think it is the audience to which your articles are directed. I give you my thanks again and I will be honored to take your content to my language if you allow it.

I donated the 5 SBD to @youarehope because I feel like I earned enough from the upvotes + I did it for the education of Hebrew speaking Steemit users.

I honestly love what you're doing for the Steemit community and I hope these people will keep supporting your posts so you can do more things like that, that essentially educates Steemit users from all over the world.


Thank you so much! I had noticed good rewards on some posts, including yours and that of @infinityroad. That's why I mentioned it towards the end. So kind of you to donate your rewards. Thank you for your feedback. I do owe a lot to the community for enabling me to do such things!

This is such a fantastic initiative! Just today someone was asking about Translations and Translators for Steemit! Seems like you have it covered here. I am not bi- or multi-lingual, so I have nothing to contribute, but I applaud this effort!!! I am Resteeming and Following you!

Thank you for the opportunity to partcipate. It is a good thing to know that you want your steemit educational guides to be available to every one irrespective of their languages. Language barrier could deter one from getting the best out of a community such as steemit. You have done a tremendous job.

Keep it up and best wishes!!!

Thank you @ilyastarar, opportunity you have given me. and thanks, you have also sent us rewards. hopefully we all become your good friends. We are the same name.

This was an awesome contest. Thank you for that. We really like those kind of dynamism on Steemit.

You are simply the best.
I Dont need anyone to tell me that you are of a good heart.
Wish I knew about the contest on time would have participated.
Keep the good work up, You will soar higher.


Thank you for the feedback! You can open the link to contest post and translate any guide.


Happy.... Thanks alot for the opportunity.... Will open the link and take my time to select.

Amazing contest .

Its a good and informative contest for understanding post in our languages.I really appreciate you for your guides and now translated by this competition.

Wounderful work.Keep it up.

thanks brother @ilyastarar for your reward. I like your post so much.
It's an honor for me to be translated your amazing post.

Thank you

It was a great step and the response you got is fantastic, Keep Creating stuff like this to benefit this community.
Take care.

What a useful initiative!

Thank you . my pleasure to translate your awesome work @ilyastarar

thanks for sharing a good post on steemiteducation
that was very good
i apprise with you

Steemit is a good community. And your contest is so good. Up vote and resteemit done

You really have been given hopes in this forum. Nice work @ilyastarar

Good work,keep it up.

Terimakasih post nya kk

The information you provide helps us a lot.
thnx for sharing... I always following you

sangat bermanfaat,
and I will try to participate here, help me if I have difficulties, thanks my brother @ilyastarar

Terima kasih atas partisipasi menjadi pengalaman buat saya...

Nice post. You really did a great job by compiling all the translation. What next are you going to present


I am working on different ideas and projects. Basically, I am workinh on more guides.

how can i participate in subsequent contest

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@ilyastarar i will love to join the contest if entry is still available by translating the steemit guide to Yoruba


I'd be glad if you attain 200 followers (and at least some of them should understand Yoruba) before participating. Read the original contest post for terms.

Thank you

Good afternoon! Excellent initiative.
Are there going to be more translation contests in the future?


Perhaps after a quarter when there is more work to translate.

You should also have Annang and Ibibio translations, there are popular languages in Africa, Nigeria. I'll do that for us here. How do I get involved?

that is such a great news for us. we need help from steemit. @ilyastarar you have much talent. keep it up.
thank you

Thank you for letting us translate your work to other languages. It was a pleasure for me to have participated in this contest!

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Awesome!! Thank you!!

Terima kasih postingan ini sangat bermamfaat,...

Thank as always @ilyastarar and of course that I will do more guides (if you let me hahaha). Keep it like this teacher!


Hahaha! Of course you can choose any one (that is not done already) every week.


Hahaha thanks. So can I do this one with the same structure? Or should I pick other guide? And of course, only if you let me. -- https://steemit.com/smartsteem/@ilyastarar/understanding-smartsteem-how-to-use-smartsteem-a-vote-selling-buying-service-you-can-benefit-from-and-other-investment


So, should I do it?😂😗

I love to see and read your post, greetings share

Wow..can i trsnslate to igbo?


You can but not right now. You should look at the original post and see the conditions. Sadly, you don't have enough following. Work on it.

awesome contest.please include Bangla language.advance thank you


It was up to the Bangla speaking people to participate. No one did.

hello @iyastar, I wish to translate one of your post here if possible into tagalog or visayan , looking forward for your response and to contribute :) https://steemit.com/steemit/@ilyastarar/understanding-the-steemit-economy-and-steemit-currencies-powered-by-steem-blockchain


I looked at your blog to find if you had done it already because I saw your comment on the contest post.

Please let me know the link here when done.

@roxane as tu déjà fais des postes qui pourrais être utiles ? Je n'ai rien vu sur les guides en Français tu peux peut être ajouter tes guides ? :)

Good work keep it up

What about french language ? i don't see it in the list.

How about I translate in Ianguage, Nigeria?

Good post and very valuable.

Wow, so many languages, a challenging contest. Thanks you for sharing @ilyastarar.

Good enough ! Nice post