Finding Shapes In The Clouds While Bonding At The Park

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We live in a time period where far too many parents take the lazy route of entertaining kids by allowing them to watch television or play with tablets/cell phones/computers over playing games. It isn't healthy for children to rely on gadgets and technology for entertainment. Parents should never be so busy that they ignore their kids so they have to rely on televisions and gadgets to keep them quiet and entertained. Parents should set aside time every day to spend with the children. Parents are mentors to their kids and quality time with their parents is necessary for healthy development.

The following story is an example of parents taking time to spend with their children to help them develop socially and creatively.

Finding Shapes In The Clouds And Other Adventures At The Park

Mama Mouse was always worried about her son TJ watching too much television! The young boy loved staring at the screen of the TV watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and other kids shows. Mama believed that children should spend lots of time outside, playing games where they use their imaginations. It wasn't good for TJ to rely on television too much for entertainment. Mama wanted him to use his mind and play instead of being a zombie in front of a TV.

On days that were pretty Mama Mouse would get TJ and they would go on an adventure to the park! TJ loved going to the park where he could run around on the green grass under a blue sky. Mama enjoyed going to the park because she got to see the other mothers and they could socialize while their children played together. Mama's best friend Heather Rabbit had a new baby and they'd take long walks around the park with the kids to enjoy some fresh air. TJ found the baby rabbit fascinating and was excited that he had a new friend to play with at the park even though she was still too little to run around.

The park had an area with a beautiful bird bath. TJ and Mama would sit nearby and watch the different birds enjoying a bath in the water. They would see red, yellow, pink, blue, white, and brown birds. Mama was smart and knew all the names of the different birds and she would teach TJ what they were called. TJ's favorite birds were yellow ones because his favorite color was yellow.


TJ loved playing with his friends in the park. Billy Bear was great at basketball. He would share his ball with TJ and they would bounce the ball to one another. Billy was a bit older but his mom taught him good manners and how to share his toys with the younger kids. TJ enjoyed Billy's company and looked up to his friend who was very kind and fun to play with.


TJ's all time favorite activity at the park was to look at the sky with Mama Mouse. The two would lay on their backs in the grass and would stair up at the clouds. The two would play a game where they tried to see shapes in the clouds. It was a fun game and TJ would see clouds shaped like mice, cats, houses, and more. It was a special activity only Mama and TJ did together. TJ loved being snuggled next to Mama on the grass trying to find pictures in the sky. They would laugh and be silly. Most mothers TJ knew were serious and busy, but Mama always found time to play with TJ and enjoy their special game.


Mama Mouse made it her goal to always have time to play with TJ. She knew he would only be a little mouse for a short time and she wanted to enjoy spending time playing with him while she could. She knew someday he'd grow up and wouldn't want to play anymore. Childhood goes by so fast! Mama wanted to enjoy every moment she could looking up at the sky with TJ playing their special game. Every laugh and smile she got to witness was more precious than anything in the world.

Lessons To Learn:

As parents it's important to spend time with your children. It isn't good for children to spend all their time entertained by televisions or cell phones. Children look up to their parents and spending time with them is special and important in their development. A simple trip to the park can be educational and can create memories that will last a lifetime.

You don't need flashy gadgets or to spend money to entertain kids. Sometimes the simple things in life are all children need to have fun. Bird watching, finding shapes in the clouds, or a quick walk around the park are all great activities to do with young kids. Kids are always growing and discovering more about the world around them. Parents should take their kids exploring to teach them what they know about the world. Everyday they can learn something new. Parents can guide their kids by turning off the TV and taking their kids on adventures to spark a desire to discover new things and have adventures out in the world.

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Patents need to learn to spend time with their kids. You don't just give your kid a gadet in a bid to keep him silent or avoid his disturbance . What you teach them is what they grow up with and so time and effort needs to be put in bringing up our children if we want the future of this world to be great.


Thank you so much! That's very nice of you. I appreciate the resteem. I dislike seeing zombie kids staring at cell phones and tablets. Far too many friends and family members of mine try to keep their kids quiet by giving them gadgets. I really want to spend a lot of time with my daughter and keep gadgets put away.

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It's not a little "quality time" that your children want from you, it's a lot of your time and attention and mentoring and love, nice art, I like..


Thanks for the nice comment! Very true. Children want mentoring, love, and affection. It's sad to see parents too busy to give such simple things to their kids.

practical life, probably because of busyness, so that his son did not get attention

Great message and, yes, so important. It's what your kids will remember many years from now!!!

I applaud you!!! I hope many young parents follow your advice! I am resteeming!
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I love these short lesson stories. It is easy to turn the kids loose on the computer

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