Teaching small children about their body parts - The head and face.

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What should you teach pre-schoolers about their body parts?

Pre-schoolers should learn each body part and the function of that body part.

Today we learn about the head and what is on top of the head, inside the head and on your face.

The head

Inside your head is your brain. Your brain is the organ that helps your body to function. Your brain helps you to move, to move your arms, move your fingers, to walk and to run. Any movement you are able to do is because you have a brain. Your brain helps you to think, to talk, to learn things and remember things. The brain has lots of other function too, but we will learn about that some other time. You can think of the brain as the boss, it controls your whole body, if your brain is not working correctly then the body cannot function properly.

On top of your head is your hair that covers your head.

Each person's hair is a different colour. Just think about your mommy and daddy's hair or your sister and brother. Some person's hair might be straight while another person's hair might be curly.

On the front part of your head is your face.

On the side of your face, you get your ears.

What do you do with your ears? You listen with your ears and when you listen you can hear things. You can hear when mommy talks to you and you can hear the radio playing and you can hear the birds outside chirping.

On the front of your face is your eyes.

With your eyes you see. You look at things and you can see anything that you look at. Like your hair, everyone's eyes are different colours. At the top of your eyes, you have eyebrows. It is like a frame to the eyes. You have eyelids with eyelashes. You blink your eyelids to keep your eyes moist and to close your eyes when you are tired and goes to sleep. The eyelashes also protect the eyes against dust.

Then you have a nose in your face. WIth your nose you can smell things. Your nose also helps you to taste things.

The little boy in the picture smells something bad so he is pinching his nose closed with his fingers.

Then lastly you have a mouth in your face.

Inside your mouth, you have teeth and a tongue. Your lips cover your mouth, You can open or close your mouth with your lips. Your teeth and tongue help you to eat. Your lips and tongue help you to talk. Your mouth also helps you to express yourself. When you are smiling you are happy. If your lips are pressed closed, it can show that you are angry, or if the corners of your mouth go down, you may be sad.

Your ears, eyes, nose and mouth is four of your five senses.

As you can see in the picture above:

  • Your ears - let you hear
  • Your eyes - let you see
  • Your nose - let you smell
  • Your mouth - lets you taste

This is called your senses. There is a fifth sense which is touch but we are not doing that today.

Thank you for reading, till next time.

Images: freepik.com

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Thanks for your sharing. Learning Science is fun.

Thanks for your sharing. Learning Science is fun.