Family that eats Together, Stays Forever

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Family meal times are always special. It creates bonds and lovely memories. Even at least once a day, A family should try to eat together. However, for a really busy family, perhaps setting a time for a weekend for a get together meal will be beneficial.


Studies showed that eating together as a family reduces the risk of obesity in children, using food as an outlet for their problem. It's serious and can result to a lower self-esteem.

Here is why eating as a whole family is important:

  1. It caters better nutrition
    Nutritious foods that are home cooked is essential for nourishing our body.
  2. It creates happy family bonds
    Children that it's often with their family together have a higher self esteem and positivity toward things. Adolescents are less likely to hook in vices like smoking and drinking alcohol.
  3. Children gets better at school
    Kids that are regularly eating together with the whole family gain self confidence and develop open and positive communication between parents and child.
  4. It conducts good manners and appreciation for the value of food.
    It's not just the food and nutrition itself, it is also a way of instilling good manners at the table or in a society in general. Appreciation for the value of food and the effort that has been put into it.
  5. It's a good example of serving others, to listen and to fix conflicts.
    It is a good environment to be a model to serve others and resolve problems.

Eating together as a whole is a basic and ground foundation for raising children, however, it is not guaranteed that your offspring will save them from becoming unhealthy or socially responsible.

Savor the meals and the good times of eating together as a family. An important ground to create family bonds and laughters. It is a root for strong family values, traditions and culture.

Happy eating!

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