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School dropout is currently a phenomenon that is growing rapidly. It is, however, a threat to the future of both children and society. Indeed, without the intellectual baggage provided by the school, their future is compromised.

What is school dropout?

School dropout refers to the exclusion of students from the school curriculum. This definition includes the referrals decided by education officials, for example following bad behavior at school, bad grades, etc.

Exclusions decided by the parents for economic or social reasons, as well as dropouts decided by the students themselves.
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What are the causes of school dropout?

Many reasons make a student drop out of school. It can come as well:

From the pupil himself:

the fear of missing, a different degree of maturity (gifted child), etc.

From the atmosphere to the school:

saturation of the classrooms, poorly rewarded efforts, etc.

From the child's society of origin:

problems of families, ascendants and collaterals who are unemployed, lack of employment opportunities or future prospects, etc.

These are just examples of the causes of school dropout.

How to deal with school dropout?

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Dropout affects both developed and developing countries.
In general, to fight this phenomenon, governments are granting tuition fee exemptions.
If this measure proves effective against the economic causes of school dropout. It is not enough, however, to restore children's taste for school.
The responsibility of parents and teachers is then called upon to stimulate this motivation.
In short, school dropout is currently eating away at the education system, and it is essential to address it as soon as possible in order to secure the future of children and society.

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