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Hello wonderful steemians, have you ever thought of how hotspot works and relating it to our friendship with people, family or friends?

Read below.
I was using my brother's hotspot to install an app on my tablet, after sometime while the download was still on, I went outside with the tablet and the download stopped. I forgot totally that I was using his connection and to be effective, I needed to stay close within certain range. The moment I went out of range, I lost the signal and the download. The benefit of the download was mine but the connection was his. The connection was governed by closeness. I had the privilege but left the coverage. You cannot sustain transmission in transgression.

God is the fastest and surest hotspot; your download in destiny is secured if you stay in communion with him and live within scriptural range. There are places you will go and God will not switch on his data of inspiration for you. There are relationships you get into and the connection to certain grace would be shut down against you. Lot went to Sodom and was reduced to his boxers even though it was wealth that afforded him the relocation.

A faithful, fruitful and truthful father in faith is a hotspot. There are applications of transformation that you cannot build up if you're not properly brought up. There are nuptial applications you cannot download in marriage if you don't have a functional father with successful marital data. There are characters you cannot buy off the shelf of education if you lack some parental upbringing. There are foundational truths you cannot download in ministry if you are out of godly fatherly hotspot.

Some friends are hotspots; they extend megabytes of courage and commitment for you to download ideas and strategies on the tablets of vision. You don't willfully hurt your hotspots if you want to stay connected for fuel. There are hotspot friends who would link you to your helpful download sites. Stay within the range of honour, honesty and humility. Don't take your hotspot for granted through "familiar" spirit.

If you noticed some download has stopped in your life, check your hotspots! Good morning all

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I appreciate all my sources of inspiration and help on steemit. Thank you all

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