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Beware when you start to realise these as a lady especially.
A nice, charming guy picks up interest in you, starts texting and calling like his very breath depends on it, and it seems like he’s the real deal but then, all of a sudden, he stops giving you all that attention and care. And you can’t seem to fathom where it all went wrong.

The aforementioned scenario is something a lot of women can relate to. There are lots and lots of budding relationships that have been cut off by one of the parties involved (in this case, the woman) through their actions, and the funny thing is that they do this unintentionally; so when the man loses interest, and stops calling, they feel disappointed.

If you’re a woman, and have found yourself in a situation like this, this post shall help you learn, so you do not have to put yourself in that sort of position again.

The truth about attraction is that it comes when it will, but will leave exactly the same way if it isn’t allowed to blossom. If someone picks up interest in you and your actions suggest to them that you’re not as into them as they’re into you, it won’t be long until it all begins to fade away. Most times, the attraction is even mutual, but somehow, you still send the wrong signal via your actions. Sometimes, you can even scare a man away if you go about getting attracted to him the wrong way. Not a lot of women understand this, but hopefully, that will change after you read this.

So, ladies, if he suddenly stopped showing interest in you, then you’re probably guilty of all or either of the following…


There is nothing wrong with playing ‘hard to get’, but it should be done with some moderation. You cannot continually ignore the texts a man sends you, and then expect him to keep up the act, he’ll get tired and stop because the message he gets from you is that you do not feel the same way about him as he feels for you.

A lot of women are guilty of this behaviour and it has cost them possible relationships. When someone texts you, the right thing to do is reply them warmly. Doing that wouldn’t change anything about you or reduce your value. The reason most women tend to not reply texts from men, even when they like them is because they do not want to seem ‘cheap’, but it is a totally bad move. If you do not reply his messages well, how would he think you feel about him? The same goes for his calls; sometimes, you find that the man calls repeatedly, but the woman rarely picks up. You’ll only end up killing his motivation if you give him that sort of treatment.

Some other things that women do are waiting for the man to text and call them every time. He is human too, and he has feelings. Sometimes, you can check up on him as well, especially if you like him too. There is nothing wrong with that.


There is nothing more disappointing to a man than for him to invest his time, money and efforts in a woman, believing that she likes him back, only to eventually realize that it was all for nothing. There are lots of women who have one or two men asking them out, that they actually do not really have feelings for, but Instead of them to come clean and tell these guys how they truly feel about their proposal, they pretend like the feeling is mutual, and string the men along, either because of the money and gifts they hope to get out of them or just for the thrill of having multiple men asking them out. This is bad, and has also led to the sad end of a lot of relationships. How do you suppose a man would react if he found out you were using him all along? You definitely wouldn’t hear from him again.


So he’s cute, asked for your number, called you a couple of times, and the next thing, you start flooding his phone with calls and messages? Lol. You need to calm down. I know I said it’s good to text and call him, but not excessively. Nobody likes it when people are all up in their space like that, and it could scare him away if you rush things. Take things easy, and allow things play out slowly. Text and call him on occasions, but be sure to answer his calls and reply his texts warmly. Only befriend him on various social media platforms with his express permission. Don’t stalk him, don’t appear too desperate, as that could send him the wrong signal, and scare him away.


One of the biggest mistakes most women make is to tag multiple friends along to their dates — it is very bad, and a display of poor manners. When a man asks you out on a date, he expects you to be there alone, not in the company of your friends. No classy woman does that sort of a thing, and that is why a man would be disappointed if he were to get it from a woman he admires. A date is supposed to be about just 2 people; it is not a hangout where multiple people are allowed, but if you have to bring someone else into the mix, it is only courteous that you seek his approval first, and see how he feels about it, anything other than that is rude, and can discourage a man from pursuing his interest in you.

Another way some women display poor manners is in the way they talk. The acquaintance stage of a relationship is very fragile, and so people must be wary of the things they say, and the way they communicate, one wrong word, and you could ruin something good and promising.

And those were some of the things women do that put men off.

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