Steem School Episode 36 - The Essential Steemit To-Do List

3년 전

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If you do not do the following things here on Steemit you will not make much money.

I took a couple of minutes today to focus my thoughts on things which are essential to do here on Steemit to make some of that good cash.

I then went with that list to a nice place in the forest and recorded a video there. This time I went further into the forest and felt like a child seeing things for the first time which I essentially did.

I saw that place for the first time and it was awesome to go there, felt awesome the whole way.

Anyway, here are the essential things you have to do here on Steemit.

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26 Essential Things You Need to do on Steemit

1. Write high-quality content.
2. Forge strong relationships with 10 people only here on Steemit.
3. Write 2 posts per day.
4. The first sentence of your post, thumbnail & title have to be epic.
5. Join Steemfollower to get more upvotes.
6. Do what you say you will do.
7. Be Consistent
8. Be transparent
9. Use a specific thumbnail design so people can recognize you (branding).
10. Learn more about Steemit for 10 minutes every damn day.
11. Proofread before you hit publish.
12. Always reply to comments & continue conversations.
13. Use Discord to form deeper connections.
14. Mute people that ask for upvotes, resteems, follows or comments.
15. Write about your passion! Add emotion to your posts!
16. Build a strong community or join an existing one.
17. Invest cash into Steemit.
18. Help to improve Steemit itself in some way.
19. Format your posts perfectly.
20. All graphics must have a width of 800px
21. Create a nice profile header and profile picture.
22. Use DTube to pimp your posts with videos.
23. Use bots to promote your posts to trending.
24. Use Steemit more info to get more valuable information on Steemit.
25. Use tags with which you can reach the trending section.
26. Read & watch all SteemSchool episodes!

And that was the no filler list with essential actionable tips for Steemit to help you to make more cash here!

And don't forget to pee on your feelings because...


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Quality post as usual @valorforfreedom
Will apply as many as possible in my next posts and going to update my profile.
Going to update back when I'm done.
Thanks for the inspiration, you're definitely one who walks the talk!

All the best for the journey and keep pushing

  • Devin

Thank you Devin.

Thank you for this list of 26 essential things you have to do to become successful on Steemit. I'm going to print it out and tick off each item as I go along and complete it. I still have a lot to learn but I have time and the determination to break through my self-doubt and debilitations this year. Off to copy and print the list now.


Sounds very good Elsievr.

They have to see, you are a normal person too, not like a god - taking sip of the horn like Odin


Haha, thanks for the compliment Pyro.

I'm so glad I found this post. I have been a Steemit noob for 23 days and have been loving absolutely every minute of my time here so far. It has been an interesting journey so far and I have met some great people as I try to learn as much as I can. I have done lots of research and found many posts that outline just how to wade through the Steemit waters but this post is a once stop shop for everything. I have been going through your essentials list for the past hour and will be continuing through tonight. I so agree with your 10 fiends or keeping you network relatively small. One of the first things I noticed on Steemit was that I was getting lots of followers and they had no idea who I am. I think they actually went to a page where I follow and just followed everyone on the list. I want to be able to build relationships where I actually have some intellectual connection or mutual interest with the people. For this reason I have kept my following list small, although that seems to be increasing as I read more posts from people involved with @steemiteducation.
Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading more as I try to grow here on the platform.


Thank you Broncofan, sounds like you made good use of my list!

Regarding proofreading, I have found it helpful to use the read out loud tool on Word. I tend to see what I think I wrote when I proof read. It helps me catch mistakes that would slip by my eye. Also, hearing it read helps me find awkwardly worded sentences.


Good tip EH!

Very good list, and any redfish that follows them will see massive growth.

And going deep into the forest just seems so Odinist. I love it!


Thank you MI.

True words and great tips. You need to put in something (time, effort, money) to get a return. Too many people whine that they don't get enough or other people's get more


100% agree Vander.

I tried to do 17 last night and as you can see from my latest blog it was a disaster. Such is life. Recover and persevere. Always advancing , never yield.


Good that you mention this, it is never wise to do or follow blindly, always think before you make your moves.

Excellent list! I'm fairly new so this is super helpful to "minnows" like me. Resteemed!


Thank you TYP.

it's great to share...steemiteducation..

just love the project..
thank you very much

Its a Great post .Its great to share this post. keep it up bro its very informative .i love this project .

I recommend everyone to print that list out.


I actually did this already before I saw this comment!

It's going up on the wall along with "Value the Hour" and "Stop asking questions and do it!"

I will begin implementing what you teach (and what I learn elsewhere) slowly but steadily.


Awesome! The progress is fast here and absolutely worth it. Enjoy every step of the journey.

Hey man, it's me again lol.

I think I am putting most of this list into practice.

I was on steemfollower today but I couldn't figure out how to find the following section. Could you help me with that?

And I have built about 2 good relationships so far and working on going up to ten.


They removed the follower section.


That sucks man.

I am agree with all most all of your points. There are few of them which I am trying to do now.Still strugling with them but that is the life. Hopefully, One day I will achieve them.

Do you reply regularly to the comments of users? Because I guess three days ago I commented on your post but you haven't replied there back.
I commented here.

they have to see, you are a normal person too. dn't like a God - takeing sip of the horn like odin. thanks for the sharing post.