Mary: A portrait of a Woman used by God.

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One of our favorite biblical role model is Mary of Nazareth. In her life we found a wealth of wisdom for our own walk with God. Her story illustrates many of the characteristics of the kind of woman God uses to fulfill his respective purposes in our world.
So why Mary? Why her?
These are her characteristics why she was chose to bore the son of God.

  • An ordinary woman
    There was nothing particularly unusual about Mary. She was not from a wealthy or illustrious family.
    The significance of Mary's life was not based on any of the things our world values today:
    Background, physical beauty, intelligence, education, natural gifts and abilities.
    Luke 1:28
    This what makes the difference in young woman's life
    Even though Mary was just an ordinary woman she posseses something why she was chosen to bore the son of God.

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Every woman is special.😊

Amen! Proverbs 31:30

You are too precious to God!

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