Mary: Portrait of a woman used by God

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Continuation of Mary's Characteristics why she was chosen by God.
2.) An undeserving woman

  • God did not chose this young woman because she was worthy of the honor of being the mother of the savior.
  • The angel said to her " Greetings you are highly favored " v.28 " You are graciously accepted".
  • If any of us is to be accepted by God, it will be because of Grace not because of anything we have done.
    It is all because of Grace ( God's unmerited favor).
    3.) A spirit filled Woman
  • we too must be filled with spirit if we are to fulfill the purpose for which God has chosen us.
    4.)An unavailable Woman
    -equipped with the promises of God. Mary's responses was simply " I am the Lord's servant. May it be time " Lord I'm available ".
    -in that act of surrender Mary offered herself God as a living sacrifice.
  • she was willing to be used by God for his purposes.
    -willing to endure the loss of reputation.
  • willing to endure the ridicule and even the possible if stoning permitted by the mosaic
  • willing to go through 9 months of increasing discomfort and sleeplessness
    5.) A praising woman
  • when God puts challenging circumstances our lives we either Worship or Whine.
    -Lord I'm tired
    -But when Mary's world turned topsy when she was faced with drastic in she responded with Praising
    6.) A woman of the Word
    -In those days women did not have a formal education. Mary was probably illiterate. Butshe had listened to the reading of the Word.
    7.) A wounded woman
    -Eight days after Jesus was born, Mary and Joseph took the infant to the temple (Luke 2:21-35)
    -v.35 A sword will pierce your own soul too
    -At calvary that sword pierced Mary's soul more than one
  • First as a mother she was losing her son.
    -Second she understand that her son was dying not only for the sins of the world but for your sins as well.

Just like Mary she was just an orinary woman she may not attained any positions in this world but because of her humility, her willingness and availability she rendered herself in service for God and to make her life an offering for God's purpose.

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Agree! Big yes I am a woman of God do im not perfect