steemitgoldminer how can you earn upvotes

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What is Steemitgoldminer?

Steemitgoldminer is a websites where you can play minigames, share your score on steemit, and earn upvotes by doing this.

How to earn playing games here (on
Well, you can earn upvotes by playing the games and:

  • make video's on DTube playing games
  • make video's on DTube showing the website
  • stream your gameplay on D-Live
  • make a post about the gamesite + include link to this website + some screenshots
  • make posts on steemit about how a game works or which game you find interesting
  • giving tips and hints about games
  • making a post about your score and tell us something about the game, how you played
    -making a post abbout your highscore(s)
  • And so on and so on....

The posts need to be in the tag 'steemitgoldminer' so I can find them to upvote :)

Posts will either be upvoted with @steemitgoldminer or/and with @brothermic

If the post is of low quality I can decide to not upvote. Do some effort. there are 500+ games so you can do alot and earn alot of upvotes.

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I love it so much I will do so thank you

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