#ulog 011.. Steemit is beautiful... @Steemgigs discussion with #surpassinggoogle

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I perched on steem and I found ???

Saturday/Sunday discuss talk on #steemgigs with
great #steemians for me was awesome, it was a night of so much importations and fun.
The discuss was to bring STEEM to the moon, the main topic on the Discord Talk Show.
‎It started on a bright prospect, and it turnout to be another wonderful speaker was floor @mermaidvampire who was the voice of the #Steemgigs discord show as organized by @surpassinggoogle, despite having @maverickinvictus on ground, showing that everyone has value regardless of your reputation. @mermaidvampire actually read every message from @surpassinggoogle, he emphasis more on growth of steemit; Terry stressed on

many faucets that can grow our steem career - I like the "register your presence part" no matter what it connect us in rep wise or steem power wise and reward benefits.

Some of his words he emphasised on that ‎adding value to the steem blockchain Terry projects; #steemgigs, #teardrops and #ulog, ulogs.org with other relative works has added value to steemit
A new #steemgigs member @eveningart came to the show for the first time and got so much inspiration from listening in- even though he was late to the show.

Steemit is beautiful

I am perched on Steemit and I found the moon 🌙

Have you found the moon? 🌙

But i noticed i didnt see this guys @nexrules and @josediccus, even if @josediccuss talks too much i missed him on the show, i do hope they'll be around next week.

After party

It was singing time and @glenyosores open the floor.
@surpassinggoogle was available to speak and was able to control the party which many steemians ,enjoyed the show.
Before i was able to sing, there come this wonderful and sweet voice @yidneth, she sang her own song for us which really cool down the noisy atmosphere on the server with her sweet soft voice.
So many steemians where on board to also, entertain us, like @princessvenessa @uche-nna my guy, with the lady voice, and also @surpassinggoogle insisted that @julietisrael who celebrated her milestone with a giveaway, It was initially 20 SBD, but @abh12345 decided to support her contest with 2.5 SBD to make it 22.5 SBD.. To sing a raggae song with an airdrop, because of the byteball airdrop, to participate if click here. Some many steemians sang on the server, host of others. And I hope to see guys next week..
@purpledaisy57, @udezee, @itoroarchibong @eveningart

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It was super inspiring and so good to connect with so many brilliant people. Steemit is beautiful an Ulogs even more so. I look forward to tuning in again soon. E x

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It was wonderful - God bless steemgigs