The 12th SteemGigs Discord Talk Show / I am Perched on Steem and I Found Moon

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I am perched on steem and i found moon.


To bring STEEM to the moon is the main topic of the 12th SteemGigs Discord Talk Show. After a brief talk of Sir @maverickinvictus in the show, Madam @mermaidvampire took over the show and discussed how to bring STEEM to the moon. According to what I understood, promotion and bringing some investors for STEEM can increase the value of STEEM until it reaches the moon. This is no joke in my opinion and it will take a huge effort. I think every Steemian can participate in any way to promote STEEM. Convincing other people to join Steemit is one of the best ways to promote STEEM.


After Party

It was already after party when Sir Terry arrived. He anchored the after party and makes everyone he picked sings. Hehe Sir @glenyosores opened the after party followed by @julietisrael’s “Airdrop song” Reggae version as requested by @surpassinggoogle. @yidneth visited the channel once again and performed her original song entitled “Grow.” One song is not enough for the very talented @yidneth, so she treated everyone one more song of hers. After that, I was able to listen to few performers including @uche-nna and @princessvanessa. I was able to participate but it was very brief. Hehe. Then I went to bed at around 3 am. Mr. @josediccus was not around this time, for sure Sir Terry will make him sing more songs next time. Hehe.


Let's show our support to Sir @surpassinggoogle for his generous heart by voting him as a witness. Visit > type “steemgigs” at the first search box.
Visit again
and type " surpassinggoogle" in the second box as a proxy
Thank you @saskia for this wonderful banner.


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I hope you'll sing next week....
Kilig 😊

gustong gusto ko talaga makinig sa talk show pero di ko pa na try :( kelan po ang exact na time merong ganyan ate @sn0white ?


@jancharlest every Sunday 12midnight, pero agahan mo nlng
Mga 11:30pm ng sabado. Para may time kang makapag kilala sa ibang steemians na nandoon.

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kaya pala di ko maabotan every Sunday lang pala hehe thank you po ate @sn0white

Nice contributions ......absolutely creating awareness for steem may as well boost the price and encourage investor