ULOG: Steemgigs 12th Discord Talkshow and Yey to me as Today Marks My 200th day on Steemit

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"I am perched on steem and I found moon"

I haven't posted in a while, nor interacted much to in the past three to four days. That has been a while really. Offline mode it was. I just needed to organize the disorganized things. Lol.

Anyway, Yey to me! I am 200-days old on Steemit.


Steemit is Beautiful

That was pretty much emphasized during yhe last discord talkshow. I just have to nod my head in agreement.

Welcome back to me! I missed Steeming.

But today's just a little special. I can hardly believe that it has already been 200 days. Time does fly. Or well, maybe it was just because my Steemit life has been that fun. Like they say, "time flies when you're having fun".

How's It Been?

As I have said, Steemit has been fun. I have used lots of Steemit condensers like steemgigs.or, busy.org, esteemapp, and lately, ulogs.org.

All these are thrilling developments and I am just as excited to use.

I learned about Steemgigs Discord Talkshow of sir Terry @surpassinggoogle.
That was the latest Steemgigs Discord Show. I was a bit late and managed to join the after party.

As always, being in the Talkshow allows one to learn so much. This time, steemgiggers we talking about cryptocurrency.

And there is this new craze introduced by @mermaidvampire during the talkshow which is the BB or the Byteball.


Power up

I was also thinking to power up some more hoping my vote will make a difference somehow. Little by little, I hope I can.

It is just makes me green with envy when one Steemian's upvote is worth a dollar or even more. But I am still a young Steemian, so I think I can get to that point too, in maybe 2000 years. Lol.

Where to?

Well, anyway, being a full-time mom to my little one, having a business to run on the side, Steemit is the cherry on top of my life. It allows me to read various things, see the world, discover possibilities and experience new things through reading. Yep, learning much about the world, maybe it be the real world or the digital world.

So yes I am staying here on Steemit, no matter how much drop the SBD can be, but still hoping it goes up for every Steemian to be happy. LOL.

So yes, I am staying here on Steemit, no matter how ugly it seems. To me it is still beautiful.

Steemit to the moon!

Thanks for reading my #ulog for today.
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Brother Terry a.k.a. @surpassinggoogle is behind this great initiative.

I am glad to be connected with these amazing Steemians: @ @dianfigura, @dunkman, @dwightjaden, @el-dee-are-es, @franbel, @gingbabida, @iamsj, @islaw, @ivez, @jannie98, @jbmolano, @juwel, @joonz, @jetskie, @jysui, @el-dee-are-es, @lyann, @manilyn09, @maki07, @phantum04,@saskia, @sepchronicles, @sisonengg, @shawmeow, @shula14, @sn0white

Also special thanks for the support our master @iyanpol12, to @hr1, @bobbylee, @good-karma.

Brother Terry a.k.a. @surpassinggoogle has been a supportive and kind person. So I give my support to him as a witness by using him as a voting proxy. H E R E.


I also support his other projects like @teardrops SMT and @steemgigs.




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Thanks for this wonderful articule, good read through

Hope I last that long too on this platform

Hindi ako nakakaattend dyan 😊