SteemitMamas Parent Contest Week 1

2년 전


This is the first week of SteemitMamas' Parent Contest, you can check out the following link to the contest details.

This week the theme would be to share about your greatest fear as a parent.

To be honest, there's no greatest fear when it comes to being a parent. It's only because there are too many. It's a shame there really are that many if not more, and it's only because we live in a tumultuous world.

I personally feel that on matter how our situations and background differ, our fears would be similar in nature. There's a saying in mandarin that echoes this thought,

To be a parent for a hundred years is to be constantly worried for ninety nine years.

My greatest fear is me not trying to be the best version of myself, and failing to be a good role model in empowering my children that they grow up not knowing how powerful they are, whether it is in their thoughts, words and actions.

My greatest fear is imposing my fears and limitations on them, that all they would ever know are bound and constrained, not knowing that they are born to live wild and free.

My greatest fear is me not longer dreaming and chasing after my dreams fearlessly, and in that process not being able to show and guide my children while they dream and fearlessly chase after their piece of sky.

My greatest fear is not being able to show them that they are born to be loved and protected, and that they, too are strong and enough to love and protect.

My greatest fear is being bound in my lack that they know not the priceless value of generosity, providence and fullness.

My greatest fear is them not knowing Love and basing their self-worth on somebody else's skewed perception or view.

My greatest fear is letting my 'No' be more than 'Yes'.

My greatest fear is not choosing 'connecting' over 'correcting'.

My greatest fear is not looking them in the eye when they are longing for mine, not holding them tight when they reach out their arms, and not saying and showing enough 'I love you'.

My greatest fear is not taking good care of myself, whether it is physically, mentally or spiritually, and in turn not being able to take good care and nurse my family in good health.

While all this is true and true, I choose to look higher and above it all. My greatest comfort and assurance is in knowing that no matter how lonely I could feel sometimes, I am never alone. I am loved by those who carry me in their hearts wherever they are. And with that, I draw my strength knowing that my cup runneth over.


Sending you lots of love from one parent to another. ❤





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Oh my. I can feel you on a lot of these. Be brave fellow parent. Being a mother is the most nerve racking "job" there is. And yet we would do it all over.
Great contest, but keep in mind to not dwell upon these fears as to not let them happen. Positive affirmations sends out great things into the universe ^_^
If I have time tomorrow, I will write up a post about my greatest fear :)

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You are so right about there being too many fears! It’s almost impossible being a parent and not having one.

You are doing good mana! As long as you continue doing your best and giving your all as a parent you will be just fine. Especially with God on your side, He will continue to guide you. We are definitely not alone. 💗

Thanks for posting this!!!