Crochet-knitted circular jacket

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Hello my beautiful people.

Girls love to wear always new things that attract everyone's eyes, we love to be beautiful, to be flirtatious.

Today I bring you a project that I love, it is a circular jacket woven in crochet, a piece like this in our closeth is always going to be very useful for those special moments. But as this project is very long to explain better let's get into the matter right now.

These schemes will show us the main pattern we are going to use, the size I chose is the M, the thread is called fisherman, I spent approximately 300 gr. and the crochet used was the number 2.


The pattern I have kept for many years and therefore looks somewhat blurry, but gives us a good image of the design I used to weave the circular shape. I'm going to write the step by step as it is on the sheet, I hope you understand me.


Main point: No. of start p. multiple of 7+1+3p. of cad. to rotate. Start with the p. before the motive, repeat the motive continuously, and end with the p. after the motive. Work the 1st-5th v. once, then repeat the 2nd and 5th v. continuously. Crochet handwheel: start and/or start of p. no. of p. multiple of 11. Work according to diagram 2 in closed v. Start each time with the cadence p. drawn in the diagram to replace the 1st p. and end with 1 satin p. in the upper cad. of substitution, repeat the motif continuously. Work the 1st-22nd v. once. Orientative sample: main p.: 17.5 start p. and 10.5 v. = 10 x 10cm.
Home: Work the jacket in two steps, work the back first, then the steering wheel around the whole back. Back: Assemble 85 (99) p. of cad. + 3 p. of cad. to turn and work to main p. At 6.5 cm long leave 4 cm unmade for the armholes on both sides. Finish on the remaining points at 28,5 cm =30 v. (30,5 cm = 32 v.) long. Steering wheel: Connect to the outside right armhole and work for the right armhole 45 (49) p. de cad. Then trim the upper edge of the back together with 72 (85) p. underneath. For the left, work 45 (49) p. of cad. and then connect the left side edge with 14 p. low, trim the bottom edge with 85 (97) p. low = 275 (308) P. Work on this for the steering wheel, working on the whole motif 25 (28) times.

Assemble: Trim the edges of the armholes with the 1st v. of the main p.


Well crocheted friends, I hope this project will impact you and encourage you to knit. This type of shawl or jacket you can use for day or night, it all depends on the type of material with which you make it. If you don't like this design, I invite you to visit the page [Mi rincón de crochet] ( that I have found for years and I think is very good because it teaches you everything, clothes for children, young people, adults, ornaments and much more.

Until next post friends. Have a nice week ....bye bye...

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Images taken with hyundai e501 cellular camera

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I used to crochet too when I was a young girl - this is a very pretty jacket :)

That jacket is so clever and useful. And pretty - love the colours you have chosen.

Absolutely gorgeous, @carolinacardoza. I love the circular idea and you really do not see it when you wear it. I think the effect when worn is very chic. Excellent colors too :)

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I can sew stuff, like a tear in my shirt or something, but I can't do this kind of stuff. I have a hard time doing repetitive motions with my hands. It drives me crazy! LOL. But your vest is very beautiful. You did a great job with it!

That is such a cute little crocheted jacket, @carolinacardoza.

Beautiful work! Keep it up!

That is beautiful! Wonderful work on an awesome, timeless style! 💖

Wow, thanks @thekittygirl for presenting this work on #pypt @pypt
I love this work, Carolina! Wonderful work!

WoW! This is really creative & educational!


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Cute vest and lovely colors!

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Hi ... Carolina. Can you guide how to grow our channel on steemit

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Yeah... Carolina. How is Venezuela doing. I read about your country in news. I wish you are fine and happy.

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It was actually quite helpful. I wouldn't knit but as a photographer that likes to experiment with looks, I would certainly try to cut this out of some material. The view "from above" that explains how this is circular...That is the most interesting part for me.

And I like designs in general. This is a cool one.

Very fashionable, unique and I love the colors. Must have taken you a lot of time to finish it.

Your work is so awesome! 😉👍

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It looks really nice. I've got a bed cover that was handmade by crocheting and it keeps me warm when it's cold..

That's fantastic! I think it's incredible when people are able to create such beautiful things. Very nice!

Beautiful work @carolinacardoza and the outcome looks fabulous. Congratulations! 💕

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What a darling project @carolinacardoza! Such intricate stitching, I can imagine this would be wonderful worn for many special occasions. Well done :)

Looks great indeed my friend.
I am a man and unfortunately I only know 1st gear, 2nd gear, 3rd gear, 4th gear, 5th gear and Reverse hahaha.

I want to be a honest guy...what jacket? In first 20-40 seconds i havent see it... 😊

That fits you so beautifully it's hard to believe it was so simple. Nice job! More knitters please! Welcome to PHC!

That's a pretty design. My wife doesn't knit, she sews, but I think she'd appreciate this crafty work. You look good in it.

Beautiful pattern you used: I love the pineapple design in crochet. Your vest looks so delicate and suits you amazingly 😍

I love the colour you choose and the design to expose the amazing body you have. Maybe it's not my thing but I do really love it, found it in #pypt

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I like to crochet as well, but your project is beautiful.

I really need to to take a look at some of your patterns. Have been a bit slack in my crochet projects of late.

So happy @thekittygirl shared your DIY crafty creation of the #PYPT Show!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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