DIY busy board/ DIY planche sensorielle


Diy busy board for my little one first birthday😭😭😭😭

i don't know how this happened he was born just yesterday but I feel like he as been in our life forever 🧡So much mix feelings.
I bought a breadboard and a few things from the reject shop.
PSX_20200117_212721_wm 1.jpg

The idea is simple: Get things that will spark the child's interest. The light with the string, a lock, a wheel, a tube to put a ball or toy through...
I glued everything with a hot glue gun. Because I'm lazy I don't know how to drill and don't have much time:) In 10min the thing was done. The part that took the longest was to find the stuff to put on the board.
I'm pretty happy with the result hopefully it will be a big hit.
Copy of learning opportunities (2).png

  • A busy board or sensory board is a great way to encourage exploration and discovery.
  • Fine motor skills
  • learning about cause and effect
  • help to build connection in the brain
  • calming activity

Now let's play!!!.png

DIY bricolage pour mon petit premier anniversaire😭😭😭😭
Cette année s'est déroulée si vite que j'ai l'impression qu'il est né hier mais qu'il est dans notre vie depuis toujours. Quel drole de sentiments

J'ai acheté une planche à pain et quelques bricloles dans une brocante.
L'idée est simple: obtenir des choses qui susciteront l'intérêt de l'enfant. La lumière avec la ficelle, une serrure, une roue, un tube pour passer une balle ou un jouet ...
J'ai tout collé avec un pistolet à colle chaude. Parce que je suis paresseux, je ne sais pas percer et je n'ai pas beaucoup de temps :) En 10min, la chose a été faite. La partie qui a pris le plus de temps a été de trouver les éléments à mettre au tableau.
Je suis assez content du résultat, j'espère que ce sera un grand succès.

Copy of learning opportunities (3).png

  • Une planche sensorielle est un excellent moyen d'encourager l'exploration et la découverte.
  • Motricite fine
  • apprendre les causes et les effets
  • aide à établir une connexion dans le cerveau
  • activité apaisante
    a vous de jouer!!!2.png
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So cute, @drawmeaship! What a great DIY project. I'm sure your "baby" loves it.

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Thank you:) finger crossed it will be hours of play with the board. I can't wait to offer it to him😊

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This is so clever!
I have been thinking of making a busy book for my niece but "mini" things always too long
This one though... I can so make this for my nephew....
This is a fabulous idea
Thank you :D

Sharing it on Twitter :)


awsome im glad you like it share a photo once you make yours i love to look at DIY busy board :D thank you for your share


On my to do list....
Now to find the time to get it together...
though you did make it sound so easy with giving it 10 minutes :D

Very creative work, I love it :) I am glad that @fitinfun nominated this post to my upvote giveaway. Happy birthday to your little one!


So glad you liked the post, @phortun You are awesome, and I am so happy to make these recommendations each week :)


You are awesome and I am so happy to get all those great nominations from you every week ;)