What good cause to support when you are an Animal lover?

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Hi There.....Do you love animals?

No???.....Impossible how can you not love animals???

I have always had a heart for animals......except for bugs.....they only bug me 😁

My big love has always been cats but I love all kinds of animals. I just love watching the National Geographic Wild Channel.....Especially the documentaries about the big cats.....After all, my zodiac sign is Leo 😉

That is why I wanted to dedicate this blog post to a good cause for animals. Maybe at the end of this year, some people might be persuaded to give to one of the causes I selected.

The first one I would like to share with you is The AAP or Animal Assisted Projects

They started up in 2017 because they saw what friendship between pets and people could do. They found a solution for pet owners who don't want their pets to be at home alone all day.....who want their pets to get some extra affection.....who want their pets to get some extra care......who want to make someone happy by letting them take care of their pet......who want to create a better bond between people and pets.

Their solution is the plus-owner.

I can hear you thinking up to here.....no matter how far you are.....what the heck is a plus-owner 😄

It is someone of 55 or older who has time during the day to take care of an animal.....who wants to enjoy the company of an animal of someone in the neighbourhood.....who likes to bond with this animal......who likes to chat a bit with others and feels at home in a group of people who have a heart for animals.

Since this is a Belgian cause I am actually thinking about doing this

Some of you might know but I have a lot of joint and muscle problems and it's impossible for me to work at the moment because that comes with a lot of pain.

3 years ago we moved out of our house to an apartment with everything on the same floor to make things easier for me. That also meant that we couldn't keep animals anymore. Weird as I still choke up talking about this......needless to say that was pretty hard for me since I had to give my cat away to someone else. I do still yearn to give some cuddles to cats. Having it softly purr on my lap or give me soft bites in my neck or toes.

Haha yes I did have a cat that softly bit me in my toes to remind me of giving him his food 😂

But let me show you a picture of our new pet since we moved.


Isn't he the cutest ever.....he is not noisy at all and doesn't make a mess 😁

Ok enough about me let's get back to the cause....You see combining pet owners and plus-owners is not the only thing they do......they also find pets to be very valuable in therapeutic centra.

Dogs and cats have the ability to get through to people that have mental or physical disabilities. They send out people to these places with pets to give those people a special experience that benefits their mental wellbeing.

You may find me a little cheesy but that warms my heart 😄

In order to contribute to a better society, they would also like to share their knowledge so they offer training about this relationship between man and animal.

I just love knowing that there are so many people out there with a heart for animals.....don't you?

As a reward to their plus-owners and volunteers, they organize excursions, lectures or workshops in order to mix business with pleasure.

If after reading this you feel like becoming an active member of this organization by becoming a volunteer or an ambassador.....don't hesitate to contact them for more information.

Next time I will share some information about another good cause I found interesting - The Wildlife Conservation Society 😃

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)

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Wow, he's really cute! What a wonderful bird! 😊


tx so much - he is very sweet :)

Hi @seadbeady. Thanks for sharing your post about the AAP project. What a great cooperation initiative for animals and humans alike.

I too love to watch National Geographic Channel, with the Big Cat Diaries. I also like to watch Fight Night. I have learned all I know about animals from watching that channel since I was young.

Good luck with your project. Have a great day.


tx so much :)

I'm also a cat person, we've had pets throughout they just give you the extra joy


so true - tx so much :)

Animals are beautiful and how not to love them, I hope your health improves so you can move forward.


they are - tx so very much :)

the post is beautiful thanks a lot for sharing.
If we have pet they ar loyal to us mostly the dogs , pets can change out mind whuoe we have upset they know that we are upset.


tx - yes they can feel your pain :)

Only because they can't speak humans keep hurting them 😒 That's why I became a Vegiterian, atleast for me a Chicken or Goat will not die 🥺

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That's a great sacrifice :)

In my experience, those who profess that they hate animals become get a 180 turn when they meet an animal. Its just about giving them a shot to try meeting them


tx so much for the resteem - animals truly are irresistible :)

I’m a dog lover and I think this is a heart warming idea.


tx so much :)