Where can you find vintage board games?


Hi There.....Are you creative?

I am and have always been as long as I can remember. As a kid I used to love drawing, playing music on my block flute and melodica.....When I was a bit older I started to knit and sew all kinds of things for myself or for my dolls.....There were no computers or iPhones to keep us busy.....I was a teenager when we got our first pick-up (record player).....I know what you may be thinking.....Wow this woman is ancient 😁

But did you know that this month is also Hobby Month??

I suppose in even more ancient times people have always had hobbies.....They went swimming, hunting or drew on cave walls.

I am wondering.....No I don't suppose they had bathing suits haha 😂

I found on Wikipedia that the word hobby came from 'hobyn' and had the meaning of 'small horse and pony'.

Today there are hundreds of hobbies that can be put in 5 categories such as collecting, making and tinkering, activity participation, liberal arts pursuits, and sports and games.

I think I have done them all.....I used to collect keychains and frogs but don't anymore because after a while I had so many of them that I wanted to put on display, that it became far too much work dusting them off every time 😏

Making and tinkering is something I still do off course.....I make beadwork jewelry and knit.....I am working on a sweater at the moment and I will be sharing a picture of that on my Instagram profile as soon as it's finished (I guess I am gonna need about one more week).....so if you are curious just use this link to my Instagram profile.....I know I would be but I am a Little Miss Nosey I suppose 😉

Then there is the activity participation.....Things I have mostly done when being on a holiday like hiking or bike rides.

Like me, some of you might wonder what this liberal arts pursuit could be.....Those are things like singing, acting, juggling, dancing,.....So it seems like I am still doing that as well.....I am the female singer of the band as I told you in my last blog post.

And last but not least sports and games.....I am not a fan of sports anymore because as I said I am ancient but I love playing games on the computer as well as board games.

So I thought I would browse Etsy again to find some vintage board games this time 😄

Large Wooden Chessboard Box 18.9" x 18.9" with Backgammon

Monopoly board game from the 60s

Dominoes, Domino board game, Vintage board game

Vintage 1948-1953 SCRABBLE Board Game

1980s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Memory Board Game

Mini Solitaire game made in France

Chess Set Chess Table with Drawers Chess Set

Vintage German Mikado game. Full set

BINGO ~ 1987 ~ by KING

Handcrafted Wooden International Draughts Checkers Set

I used to play a lot of these games and they were a lot of fun.....we sometimes played for hours especially our monopoly games could take a long time before there would be a winner. How about you? Did you or do you play board games?

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)

Behind every unique handmade piece is a lot of hard work. It's a labor of love and every piece you buy will make someone's day a happy day.

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Delicious tx so very much :)

Lovely post, the concept hobby is very interesting to me..
As for board games (the real reason I feel this comment worthy), I play Go/Weiqi/Baduk, although I shudder at the word play when it comes to Go.. To be perfectly honest, improving at Go is part of my spiritual journey, it is an honest and relentless look at my dark side, and what work I have yet to do to further better myself.
Anyway, just love to spread the word about Go/Weiqi/Baduk whenever I can..
Thx for the post!


tx for your much-appreciated comment - good luck on your quest to get better :)

I've played most of those games... I only see one I didn't know plus two more I never learned how to play! Great memories... except for Monopoly, where my brother would cheat and annoy the heck out of me! 😜


ah yes, you will always have cheaters I suppose - I hate it when that happens :o

OMG I realised I still play with most of these games. I'm older than I expected to be ahah


no worries some of these games have made it to newer versions :)

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oh wow tx so very much :)

Seeing all these games took me back to my childhood! I still play some board games but to be honest, I prefer the vintage ones as I find them to be better in terms of quality. The new boards /games seem to be flimsy and cheap quality that it gets ruined within 1 year.


We still have some of our games from the kids in our basement so they must have been better quality :)

Hi Renate I speelde zoveel backgammon vroeger nu Monopoly. In de steemterminal hebben we de redfishrally on accounts naar 500 sp te krijgen misschien leuk voor jou om
Aan mee te doen
Gr. Britt


is dat bij wedstrijden dan ? :)


De rally is met opdrachten in steemterminal en daarmee krijg je votes en er zijn meer dingen on steem of delegations mee te verdienen 1 voor accounts tot 100sp en een tot 500 so erg leuk en omdat er opdrachten zijn altijd iets om over te bloggen wn in de steemterminal engagen
Perfect voor jou