Steemitmamas Sunday Shares #12 - STEEMFEST SPECIAL!



Hello lovely Steemians! Here we are once again to wrap up another weekend! We bring to you easy reads for your Sunday!

We look for posts from our members and the @needleworkmonday community. We also look out for other posts to curate even if the author is not apart of our community. The following topics are our main go to for curation: mothers and parenting, children and education, family and finances.

Today’s post is a special feature of SteemFest 4 festivities! There were quite a few Steemitmamas that attended and they took time out to keep us in the loop of all the fun. You will get a glimpse and recap of all 4 days right here in one post! Thank you mamas for sharing the fun!

Steemfest || Hi Hello & Hugs by @kaerpediem


Day 1

In this post @kaerpediem gives us a glimpse of the conference and some of the speakers that shared. She takes us along to see where lunch was served, the temple visit and then finishes off with bowling. You can definitely see how much of a blast the first night of SteemFest was by all of the love and laughter in the air!


Food I Ate and Did Not Eat on STEEMFest Conference Day Two by @fitinfunfood


Day 2

Here we get a closer look at the food choices that were served for breakfast and lunch. @fitinfun gives us a run down on the foods she chose and the ones she stayed away from. There was some she got to enjoy after removing some of the unhealthy elements. Even in the midst of all this fun she is health conscious and continues to eat low carbs, high fat and protein.


Quick recap of Steemfest Day 3 / Steemfest 的第三天 by @elizacheng


Day 3

This was a nice recap shared by @elizacheng. From shopping to walking this post gives you a peak at the clothing and foods that were at the markets. The food photos at the end makes me really wish I were there.


Steem Fest Day 4 with Travelgirl | Final Day ~ by @travelgirl

Day 4


I can imagine how tough it was for these Steemians to say goodbye after seeing how much of a blast they had. @travelgirl shares about her last activities before departure. A relaxing massage, dinner on a cruise and goodbye drinks at the presidential suite.


Thank you so much for reading! That wraps up our Steemitmamas Sunday Shares for this week! Do check out their blogs and show them some love and support by upvoting and resteeming if you feel the same!

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SteemFest, SteemFest and more SteemFest :)


Hope you could make it with hubby too next year!

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I hope so too.. if it's in SEA again :)