SteemitPhotoChallenge #18 - Car Light Trails

4년 전

Hello my dear Steemians!

This is my first long exposure photo I took. It was shot somewhere around midnight. When I arrived on the shooting spot I realized that there are no cars because it was midnight and it was working day. I was so disappointed. So I need to wait about 30 minutes for good amount of cars to come to take this photo. In meantime I almost quit because it was cold outside. Result is a little bit blury because I don't have remote controler and it was windy outside so my camera was shaking a little on my cheap tripod. But at the end this photo has sentimental importance for me because it's my first long exposure photo. Tell me what you think.

Taken with Nikon D3300 f/8.0 10s 55mm ISO100

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I think you did an amazing job!!! Your patience and perseverance paid off!!! I have a remote controller but haven't used it yet - still in the box....I tried long exposure shots for my first time too - I posted them a few weeks ago. Mine were way more blurry than yours - you succeeded in getting the background sharp.
Take a look - I have a Nikon D3100.

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Nice shot. I have not played around with long exposures much but you might have inspired me to. :)
Upvoted and Following,

I shoot mostly models... you can see some of my work on my page.