SteemitPhotoChallenge #3 Entry - Desolation

6년 전

My three entries for the contest. I was Urbexing a derelict village in Shenzhen during a "Chinese New Year Walk-About" into mainland China. Very nice opportunity to play with the ultra-wide lens and a bit of HDR. In the absence of human intervention, entropy reigns supreme!!! In the midst of this, nature and chaos reclaim these abandoned habitats as their playground. 

Taken on Sony Nex-6 with Samyang 12mm

#photography #steemitphotochallenge #cn

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Amazing photos. My favorite is the first. Best of luck!


Thx, mate! Glad you enjoyed!

Beautiful photography, very fitting to be captioned desolation. I have never been to China and this was very interesting. Would like to see captions under the photographs if possible to better understand where exactly these places are

Great pictures, keep going! -upvoted. Im happy about your visit and vote at my latest article with funny pictures of my cat called "kumar" too: