📷 Steemit Photo Challenge | Entry 1 - Theme : Emotive Human Portrait - Waiting for Longing

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The old man was waiting for a deep longing. The longing will go back into God's arms or he will return to gather with his beloved family. At that time he was one of the pilgrims in the first group who went to the holy land in Makkah to worship. By bus, the first group departs from the haj dormitory to Sultan Iskandar Muda airport, Aceh Besar. At that time the bus was passing in front of me. From outside the bus window, I shot this photo on Wednesday, August 10, 2016, at 18:00 PM (GMT + 7). I saw the expression on his face mingled with emotion, happiness, and sadness. In the Hajj season, the Ka'bah is crowded with millions of people from all over the world, Hajj is a worship that is desired by adherents of Islam. For the elderly or physically weak is not infrequently will experience fatigue, and many others who died there. But they happy to die while worshiping. This is my entry for #steemitphotochallenge with theme “Emotive Human Portrait” hosted by @jamtaylor and sponsored by @berniesanders
Canon EOS 5D Mark ii
Canon EF24-70mm f/2.8L USM
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Nice pict

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You definitely captured the emotion. Great job!


Wow story and photo cool

Nice in post...
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Berkelas foto, satu lembar foto beribu makna. Kelak kita akan menjadi mereka. Lon hana le abusyik, soe lon foto nyoe hehehe

Jeh hai, ka keunong eungkot ye... Hahaha.. congratz bro


Hehee aleuh peu lon meulumpo buklam :D
Thanks for your support bro

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Trims ya. Asli kebetulan aja tu hehee

Beautiful emotions and shot!



Thank you very much @photofeed I’m happy you appreciate my photo :)

Great portrait! :D


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photografhy full of expressions, his position speaks for itself


Thanks for the appreciation :)

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Amazing portrait...


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a very good post I really appreciate it. and I need to learn from your post


Thank you very much! appreciate it :)

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have meaning

What a valueable picture..
Love this

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It is great work!


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I just love the moral of Ur idea sir. Good stuff

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whoa... banyak kali. wkkw


Kebetulan 🤪

Una mirada de densa tristeza y melancolía...

Good shooter

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No comenlah nyoe ka lon kalon hasil jih, heheh nyan Cap


Hehehe :)

man, your shots are always insanely good. 👏
thanks for showing them here


Thank you friend! I'm glad you enjoyed my shot


no worries. would love to see your shots in my weekly contest. check out the latest one starting today. I´m pretty sure you got an awesome shot for this theme.


Nice shot, I love to see, keep on working, I like creative people @matajingga


Thank you ya :)

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Cadas x fotonya bg


thank you Zul :)