Steemit Sandwich Contest Week #85 - Vegan Sandwich!

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This is my entry to the Steemit Sandwich Contest #85. I thought about participating to Fruits and Veggies Monday at the same time but I got to know I don't have three photos ... ;) Next week!

Steemit Sandwich Contest Week 85 - CONTEST NOW OPEN! - [3 Prizes + Sponsor @llfarms] by @jaybird

Yes, this time it's Mediterranean vegan sandwich with marinated veggies. The ingredients of the sandwich are:

  • Small ciabattas with rosemarie
  • Grilled & marinated veggies (eggplant, zucchini, paprika and dried tomato)
    IMG_4065 (1).jpg
  • Rucola
  • Red onion
  • Olive
  • Spread: paprika paste and mustered

Grilled and marinated veggies is my favorite stock food for spring and summer. Unfortunately temperature dropped yesterday to 10 degrees and not much spring/summer feeling unlike last Friday. Never mind ;) I like it as it's multi purpose that can be part of salad, pasta, pizza and sandwich.

I make it with veggies I have in my fridge without recipe ... But here is a rough one:

  1. Cut veggies in your favorite shape (except for paprika)
  2. Coat the veggies with olive oil. Spread oil on paprika surface and make 2-3 cross mark on skin with a knife.
  3. It's up to the size of veggies but grill them 10-15 minutes on 180 degrees. Paprika takes 25 minutes. Don't mind if paprika skin is lightly burned. I recommend you to grill Paprika in a baking tin so that its juice doesn't spilt over oven. The juice can be in the marinate liquid.
  4. Make liquid for marinate. I just roughly mix water, white wine, salt, whole spice, bay leaves, pepper corns ... whatever you feel like :) Bring the liquid to boil. (Sometimes I add small amount of soy sauce to make it a bit Japanese-ish but still fit to Western dishes such as pasta and sandwich.)
  5. Leave the veggies in the liquid. Sometimes I add dried tomatoes in this step. Leave it for few hours.

Bon appetit!

サンドイッチコンテストに戻ってきました :) 先週は20度になる日もあって、週末にはもう春夏気分で、Fruits and Veggies Monday にもエントリーしたくて(写真が足りないのに気づいて断念 w)夏野菜をグリルしてマリネを作りました・・・がまた寒くなってきました w この時期ドイツでよくある April weather と呼ばれる難しい天気の日が続くようです。




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I love this kind of sandwiches yumyumyum


Thanks michelnilles! It’s a good light but still satisfying sandwich for warm seasons 😊

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Mmmm, it looks like it's a quite peppery sandwich with arugula and dried tomatoes.

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野菜のマリネを使ったサンドイッチといえば、渋谷と丸の内にある VIRON というバゲットで有名なパン屋さんにもそれはそれはおいしくて美しいサンドイッチがあります。職場から近かったこともあって、よく買いに行って、以来おつまみやパスタに使っていたマリネをサンドイッチに入れるようになりました。ドイツにきてからはピザも焼くようになって焼き終わりにのせています。

ペーストといえばほかにもいろいろなペーストがあるのですよ!毎度どれにしようか迷いはするものの、家族全員で食べられるということでこれになります(オリーブと生のトマトがダメな人がいるので) ;)

Looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks! Once you have marinated veggies and everything in your hand, it's a quick and tasty option for busy weekdays :)



自分で言ってはいけませんがおいしくいただきました :)

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Suminyan さんに飯テロできるなんて 😄 ありがたいお言葉!

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野菜のマリネ、便利ですよ〜!今日は昨日一仕事終えてお昼作る気がしないのでご飯の上に温泉卵と一緒にのせてお醤油かけて食べます :D

How did I not see your sandwich @akipponn, looks sooo good and a perfect vegan one at that! Great sandwich!